Beautiful Blonde(?)

Paper Collage by Angela Zafiris

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it” said Chinese philosopher Confucius.

Every culture has their own definition of beauty.  In Greece, if a woman is blonde and blue-eyed she is much sought after. I’m guessing that my Greek compatriots caught the  ‘blonde obsession virus’ during the German occupation of Greece during the second world war.  I find it so odd that even if the blonde and blue-eyed woman has missing teeth or an acne problem she will still be considered beautiful.  Okay I don’t want to be mean or anything.  What I’m trying to  say is that this obsession with blonde and blue-eyed people can’t just be due  to their rare colouring?

This blonde Aryan worship is widespread of course. Blonde ambition began in recent history in Europe and then the U.S. more specifically California where film actresses began to experiment with bleach.  In Hollywood blonde is beautiful, but in Asia you’re a freak.  Today I saw a scene in the film ”The Karate Kid’ [I was flipping the channels around] and Daniel was sitting with his mom at some diner. They were  talking about girls when the mother asked Daniel something like, ‘is this girl who you like  beautiful?’ and Daniel says ‘of course mom, she’s blonde!’  So, I started thinking,  ‘if the love interest was raven haired would she be considered ugly by Daniel?’

On Greek television there is a game show called  ‘Revenge of the Blonde’ .  The contestant stands in front of  300  blonde (mostly from the bottle) women. The contestant  has to try to eliminate all of them by giving the right answers to question covering a range of subjects from sports to history.  The funny things is that I don’t remember a contestant ever winning all of the money. So, in actuality they do get their revenge for being dubbed as ‘stupid’ all of these years.

If you’re not a blonde or you are a blonde and you are  feeling insecure about your looks; just keep this quote in mind: “Every time you see a beautiful woman, just remember, somebody got tired of her”-anonymous.



  1. Some loosers just don’t understand, like my nephew who couldn’t see the objective meaning of this section on your article “… was raven haired would she be considered ugly by Daniel?&#8217On Greek television there is a game …” it gets me to look more intelligent after reading it.

  2. this blonde topic is interesting – i think it is just never going to end really – the look, the right look, all the added stress to just be someone else other than YOU. even as a blonde thats not good enough – it has to be fake blonde….well im glad its out there – and yah i agree what is with the deal with that greek show and why do these blondes also have to look like hookers to get attention…this goes beyond just hair….

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