Global Crisis/Παγκοσμια Κριση

In the time of the ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates the Greek word ‘crisis’ (Gk.  Κριση) meant ‘a turning point in a disease’. This turning point can either lead to recovery or death.  Nowadays the word crisis means a crucial stage or an unstable period either in one’s personal life or in politics and economics. Many countries all over the world are at a turning point of a disease, the disease being greed. Corporations have exhausted the resources in our environment and left irreversible damages on the environment ex. the oil spill in the  Gulf of Mexico. People are losing their jobs at an alarming rate, and few people can look to the future with a smile on their face. This is the time when people have to stop to think about the future and to think abou the damage that was done, not only to society but to ourselves. People are suffering, we all know that, but not very many will recover. Those who are fortunate enough to  recover will venture into a stable phase; alot stronger and more prosperous than before.

‘If you have a crisis, whether on a ship or wherever, there are heroes who rise above it.’
American Director Jerry Bruckheimer


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