Blind Photography

In this life we are constantly being judged and told by our peers or complete strangers what we can’t or shouldn’t do. We are given limitations and obstacles towards are goals. We become negative and fear that we are not good enough. Sometimes we inflict the negativity and fear on ourselves. This happens when we have very little confidence in ourselves and when we undermine our abilities.  Everyone has the ability to do something great and extraordinary, but only if we let go of negativity and do things a bit different from the majority.

I would recommend for anyone who doubts themselves and their abilities to watch the above video. It is truly inspirational and features a photographer named Pete Eckert. He is blind-yes blind!  Being blind does not mean that a person cannot be visual. He uses his heightened sense of sound to help him with his photography.

“Sound gives an image, just like light gives an image’ he says in the video.  He won the Artists Wanted Exposure 2008 competition and his work has been shown in exhibitions.  He was featured in Time Magazine and he is in a documentary on the American channel HBO.

‘Never underestimate the potential and power of the human spirit’- Anonymous


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