Inspiring Women-Γυναικες Που Μας Εμπνεουν

Labelled as the ‘weaker’ sex yet in every women lies an enormous strength. what women endure in their lives around the world is tragic and appalling even in so-called ‘civilised’ societies women are treated differently than men.  There is not country that is safe for women. There is always danger and few venture out alone at night in any city. We are weaker because we lack the physical strenght but  is it because we are also more sensitive and nurturing than men? Is that being weak? If we all got in touch with feminine power instead of masculine what a different more loving and compassionate world it would be.

This is why I love to hear stories about strong women who try to make a difference and who inspire other.  A friend of mine wrote an article about a woman named Kim MacGregor who’s daughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. She and her daughter both are spokes people for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation her 12 year old daughter raises money for the foundation by selling her art work.

The video is part of a movement launced by Kim MacGregor. Kim lost her 31 year old friend Erika to colon cancer two years ago. The movement is called ‘I believe she’s amazing’ to honour her friend Erika who had a great impact on her life. For more information about Kim please click on the link below to read the article.



  1. The things that women endure are amazing. Women are the strongest people that I know when they allow themselves to be themselves and even stronger when they love and support one another. I am so glad to be a woman in spite of the struggles. Good post! 🙂

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