21st Century Woman

© By Angela Zafiris Collage on paper 24 x 34 cm

The idea for my 21st Century Woman collage came to me in a flash when I started to think about how complicated things have become for women these days. Women have become more expensive, with their clothes and accessories and make-up.  Women are expected  by society to have the latest style and to look their best, always. She is more ‘high maintainance’ now than she has ever been. Sure, in the past women took care of themselves but they were women mostly of the upper class who spent a lot of time and money on their look. But, even those women never spent the time and money on her looks as much as the modern woman has.   It seems that we have all become Queens now, wanting to be pampered and shopping for luxury brand items. However, our current economic crisis has made it harder for most women to have this kind  of life style.

Many females have had to cut down on the many indulgences that their mothers and grandmothers did not have.  They are dying and cutting their own hair, buying cheaper make-up and they are buying fewer clothes-if any this season! Maybe we are not  meant to be Queens and that we should just live a simpler life-save for a lucky few.



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