These are some black and white photographs from the pictures that I took from my fathers’ village of Akovos in Arcadia, Greece.  He’s so proud! He was happy that I finally went there. It’s not an easy feat getting up there though.. In a earlier post I had published photographs of the Arcadian mountains and of a memorial service for a revolutionary battle that took place in the 19th Century.

Wild Mountain Flowers

Lonely Burnt Tree

Cars Parked on a Cliff

Aghia (Saint) Paraskevi Church

Small VIllage Path

Village Grannie (Giagia Panayoula)



  1. the village Grannie is my mother-in-law. this picture made me cry, but GOD bless her. She’s alive and well 🙂 Thank you for this beautiful picture post

    1. 🙂 aww, yes, she’s Panagiota (Panagoula) Papageorgiou. My father-in-law passed aways 5 years ago, this November. That’s why she’s all in black. God willing, we will be going to visit her next year .. filakia and again, thank you .. small world!!

  2. Yes, she has a son in the U.S. which is my hubby Nick and a daughter, here, also, Katerina Xigoros. The rest are in Greece 🙂 Do you have a facebook account? If you do, please add me. I would love to keep in touch

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