The Waltz/Tο Bαλς

“The Waltz’ -Digital Collage By Angela Zafiris

This is a photograph that I took of a large statue of people dancing in downtown Athens on Panepistimiou (University) Street. I was in a hurry so I didn’t get closer to the statue to get more details about it, but I am assuming that they are people dancing. I decided to change it up a bit  since it has probably been photographed hundreds of times. I decided to make it into a digital photography collage. The background is a collage that I made with red and gold acrylics with letters of the alphabet glued on it.  I scanned the background collage to the computer and then I added a new layer an ancient Greek text  that I found on-line and that I enlarged. I changed the coloured photograph into a black and white photograph and then I made the contrast of the image a lot darker to pop out against the background.


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