The Tree of Knowledge/Tο Δέντρο Της Γνώσης

‘The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil’ Digital Collage by Angela Zafiris

I decided to make a digital collage with a  photograph of a tree that I had posted a few weeks ago. I made a collage background with acrylics and scanned it to my computer. I then added some Greek text, the Latin Alphabet, numbers and I drew some circles.  I played around with the layers and the contrast until I was satisfied with the result.

Upon looking at the image I knew that I needed to change the title from ‘Lonely burnt tree’ to ‘The Tree of knowledge’. I thought that the reference from the book of Genesis made more sense since the tree is surrounded by letters and numbers. The forbidden fruit was picked by Eve long ago, and man has since fallen.  The tree of knowledge from the Garden of Eden is no longer ripe with fruit; it is now burnt. The scorched tree represents the destruction caused by wars and fires and other evils that man has committed over the many millennia of his reign on Earth.


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