Slave Τo Time/Σκλάβος Με Το Χρόνο

‘Slave To Time’ by Angela Zafiris
Handmade collage background with layered photographs of a mountain, tree branches and female statue in the foreground.

This is my first artwork for this blog in 2014.   I thought that it was fitting since the subject is about time and this is a new year, a new time. A time of reflecting on the year that has passed and making new resolutions.

Time seem to pass by so quickly.  We are always being made aware of the time that passes because time is everywhere. We wear the time on our wrists, we see the time on our television screens, computer screens and telephones. We are constantly told how valuable and precious it is.  We are told to never waste our time. It is considered a great sin to waste time. Time has to be well spent. No idleness, no daydreaming. Your time has to be productive every minute like a machine. My great-grandparents didn’t have the exact time. They followed the movement of the sun. They looked at the shadow on the ground and they knew what time it was, although not accurate to the minute, but accuracy wasn’t necessary back then. They were not panic-stricken by the passing of minutes as we are now so they moved at a slower pace. Today we are slaves to time . We consume so much of everything now and time will never be enough.


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