Socrates’ Prison/Η Φυλακή Tου Σωκράτη

Entrance To The Park

Front View Of Prison

A Sign For Visitors

Locked Cell

Inside The Ancient Prison Cave

A Short Distance From the Prison Cave

Just below the Acropolis lies a very arid and ancient park on Philopapou hill.  The park has a strange of atmosphere as do many places that have such a rich history. There were hardly any visitors in the park that day, and as I  was walking and taking photographs I noticed a cave with rusty iron bars on it. It crossed my mind that it could be Greek philospopher Socrate’s prison. I had about it a while ago, but I wasn’t sure about were its exact location might be . As I got closer to the sign I saw that it was were he was kept imprisoned and I was thrilled to see it up close.

Socrates, as many might know, was kept imprisoned after being accused of corrupting the minds of Athenian youth and not believing in the 12 Gods of Olympus. He was sentenced to death by being forced to swallow a poison called ‘konio’. He died at the age of 71 in 399 B.C.

He was a genius and the wisest of philosphers and I sometimes wonder what Socrates would say about Athens and the rest of the world today.  I think that I might have some idea of what he would say..or maybe he won’t say anything.

Many people know his most famous words that some know- it- alls may have a hard time swallowing..

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”



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