Dilapidated Homes/Ερειπωμένα Σπίτια

Abandoned home and ancient ruins below

No use in saving this one! Some scaffolding on a dilapidated home

Renovations on another home

Yo! Graffiti on shutters

Beautiful classical balcony

These are a few photographs that I took on a long walk toward the area of Thiseio in downtown Athens, Greece.  Athens is a great city for those who love ‘urbex photography‘ as the city has tons of abandoned buildings. Some are in the process of being renovated and others homes have occupants,  but they are very old and are not in the greatest condition.



      1. Oh you mean those buildings. I’ve heard of them. I think that they were only meant to be temporary housing for the refugees from Asia Minor and that’s why they want to tear them down. Great article, I’ll try to make it down there.

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