View from Lycavettos Hill/Λυκαβηττός









For my birthday last weekend,  I decided to head up the highest point of Athens. The highest point is Lycavettos hill a very popular tourist destination, but every able-bodied Athenian should try to make the trek up there too. The name ‘Lycavettos’ means ‘the refuge of the wolves’-‘lycos’ means ‘wolf’ in Greek (fortunately there are no wolves there now). In order to reach the top of Lycavettos hill you have to walk up the many steep steps from Kolonaki street. After climbing up all the steps you arrive at the base of the hill and there is a funicular that will take you to the top. I didn’t want to ride it since I wanted to take photographs and take in the view. It took about a half hour to get to the top-without breaks. I went in the late afternoon when the sun was going down and it was not a hot day-thank goodness.  Although, it’s a bit of a work out, the hill-top offers an incredible view of Athens. You can see the Parthenon and Piraeus port, and even some of the islands nearby. At the top of the hill is a restaurant, a theatre and the 19th century chapel of  St. George  where many weddings have taken place. When I got there a wedding had just taken place and the bride had just come out of the church.  By that then, the sun had gone down, and I couldn’t take any proper night shots. Time for a new camera..

I still like this one though:

Blurry night shot🙂


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