Happy New Year!/Ευτυχισμένο το Νέο Έτος!


A display of beautiful Christmas flowers.


I like this shop window!


Merry Christmas to you too! Just lower your prices a little haha!


It is a happy day when you see sweets like this.


Coffee and socializing. It’s a Greek thing 😉

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing that 2015 will be a happier, peaceful and warmer (!) new year.

I went downtown last Sunday and I took a few photos of the craziness that is Athens during the Christmas season. I was lucky that I went downtown before the winter weather really hit us.  Today’s weather reminds me of the awful Canadian winters that I lived through as a child and that I would like to forget-but can’t! (urghhh) I enjoy the mild winters in Greece.  December felt like October; I was still racking leaves! Now, all of the mountains in Athens and the rest of Greece are covered in snow, and the Athenians are not pleased about that not one bit. Also, it wasn’t such a great end to the new year for Greece for a few reasons like the call for early elections that no one wants, the nautical catastrophe of the ship ‘Norman Atlantic’, and the ‘Canadian weather’. So, let us hope that next year will not be ‘doom and gloom’ as  some people say it will be. I’ll  just say that it is going to be a better year.. no a great year! ;))




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