What Is Old Can Be New Again!

Old encyclepidias & books scattered on the ground. One of the books is an Economics book. Not a favourite topic for us Greeks.

Old encyclopedias & books scattered on the ground. One of the books is an Economics book. Not a favourite subject now for us Greeks!

bwgrammophone text.jpg

A gramophone. I never had one-too young. But, it’s so beautiful.

bwphones text.jpg

A t.v/radio and cassette player in one. Good idea! Black & white dial phone. Not too young to remember this. It took forever to make a phone call!


Old cameras that would be cool to have even today with all the fancy cameras on the market now.


Old film projector.


Looks like records are trending now. I bet many people regret throwing their old records and record player away!


What kind of writer doesn’t love the typewriter?


It’s Weird Al’s accordion!

bwtrumpets text.jpg

A silver platter and musical instruments hang like meat at an antique shop.

There is a street in downtown Athens that has many antique shops.  I saw a few products that my family used to own when I was growning up that I had forgotten about. Some of these products seem to have come back in style like records and record players and older cameras. Many people still love Polaroid cameras despite the more high-tech digital cameras that are out we now.

Maybe it’s not such a great idea to throw everything out when newer products come to replace the older ones.  But, I guess we would all be hoarders if we kept everything. I kept thinking that in the future the products that I am using will be in these shops. It’s a bit depressing, but it will most likely happen. Most of the people that were walking by eyeing the antiques were older people. I bet they prefer they were feeling very nostalgic and would prefer the older stuff to the new. Sometimes for some people what is new doesn’t always mean that it is better.



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