Covid-19 Conspiracies/θεωρίες Συνομωσίας


‘Covid-19 Conspiracies’ collage by Angela Zafiris

There are many conspiracy theories going around about the global pandemic. Some theorists say there is no virus, that it is a hoax. Others say the pandemic was pre-planned and it is all about the government trying to assert more control over people. When ultimate control is obtained people will be ‘microchiped’, then we will have a cashless society, then a one world government etc. Others say there is a virus, but it was man-made in a lab and that it doesn’t come from nature as many scientists claim. Also, they claim that the new wireless technology 5G is to blame for the spread of the virus. For a long time now there have been various rumors circulating about 5G technology and that it can destroy peoples’ immune system and that it can make people sick with cancer. Then there are the conspiracy theories surrounding Bill Gates as well.  That he is enforcing a vaccine in an effort to depopulate the world. The assumption is that the elites are obsessed with the worlds’ over-population and due to their misanthropic feelings want to eradicate the- mostly poor people- from improvised countries.

I think that it is important to do your own thorough research, learn from various sources and follow not only what your intuition tells you, and also what history tells you as well. This is why it’s important to be educated about the past of our ancestors. In the past humanity has suffered through many pandemics and there was plenty of fake news going around back then. People came up with various theories about where the plague came from. There were many doctors at the time, who in their desperation, came up with many strange concoctions to try and cure the diseases.

The truth always sees the light eventually, and this is the time of the revealing or apocalypse. The real truth will come out soon.

I do believe that many of these theories are dangerous and we need to all be on the same page and come together to fight our common enemy.

Disclaimer: The conspiracies in the collage do not reflect my own opinions, but the many varied opinions of people over the internet.

For the city…can no longer lift her head from beneath the angry waves of death. A blight has fallen on the…land… And the flaming god, the malign plague, has swooped upon us, and ravages the town…” [lines 22-30]. -Sophocles ‘Oedipus Rex’


  1. The truth is that we are surrounded by a lot of information about it. So many that some cross paths with each other and it seems to us that we are living conspiracies everywhere, we just have to wait for what will happen after the pandemic to have a better idea of ​​what happened. For now, we are confined and we do not know what the exit to the street holds for us.
    A good article that you have written, that helps us form an opinion of what can happen.
    A hug

    1. Yes, we live in the information age t.v news, internet, and radio. So many opinions by so many different people experts or not. It is very overwhelming and adds more to the already stressful situation. We have to be patient and see what happens. Thank you for your comment. Stay safe Manuel 🙂

  2. Many people think or wish to think that mankind rules the planet. So each time that we see that’s not right, as it happening now with a simple virus, that people needs to think that isn’t natural, it has to be something caused by mankind. Some of these conspiranoic theories are stupid, the rest are very stupid, but all of them are dangerous indeed because hinder a solution

    1. So true! It amazes me how this virus has disrupted everything. The economy is ruined in such a short amount of time. Viruses have come from nature time and time again yet they don’t want to believe that something from a bat can cause so much damage to the world in so many ways. We don’t control everything. Mother nature is more powerful!

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