All The Rage/Ολη η οργή

‘All the Rage’ torn paper collage by Angela Zafiris

This year so far has been a year of many battles. From the battle against a deadly virus, to the battle against systemic racism. Humans are in a constant never-ending battle. With so many technological advancements and accumulation of knowledge many humans are still not evolved and still have the same prejudices that their ancestors had.

The black community worldwide has every right to feel angry. They have the right to demand better treatment from people who have authority, and from regular people, in the country that they reside in.

They battle is not over and we can expect to see a lot more outbursts of anger. Nevertheless, people who feel unfairly treated whether they are women, members of the LGBTQ community, or visible minorities should never stop fighting for a better future.

The flames of passionate anger that can bring change should never extinguish. Not until humans are finally cleansed of their intolerance and prejudice.

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