Pink gladiolas from my garden.

ΚΑΛΟ ΜΗΝΑ! Happy New Month!

When I was trying to come up with a title for this post I quickly typed the phrase ‘In the pink’. I didn’t know why and where that came from. Out of curiosity I decided to look it up and was surprised to find out that it actually means something. According to ‘in the pink’ is and English idiom and it means to be in extremely good health and spirits. And in the 1500’s ‘pink’ meant ‘the embodiment of perfection’.

When used in a sentence one would say: ‘Suzy recovered from the flu and is feeling pink again.’

I have never heard anyone use this phrase or word this way. It’s new to me.

So I hope and wish that everyone be in the pink when all this craziness is over. And may it end soon.

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