Day: December 4, 2022

Omonia Square

Omonia square is a busy imtersection at the heart of the main roads of the city of Athens. Omonia is Greek for harmony, reflecting the informal political truce declared here in 1862 by the leaders of rival political parties in the wake of King Otto’s ousting.

It is one of the most grittiest neighbourhoods of the city, and admittedly not the prettiest. Run down buildings, crime, refugees, drug addicts and homeless people have tarnished the reputation of the area.

Some buildings should be demolished and a revitalization plan needs to be implemented, but unfortunately that is not up to me.

However, there have been some efforts to improve the area or a small portion of it. In May 2020 the squares’ new design was revealed and the fountain was restored with its 188 jets and 177 underwater spotlights built with eco-friendly materials and cool pavement technologies.

It is my hope that one day the Greek government will one day soon put the same amount of vision, work and funds, that has been put into the Athens Riviera and Hellenikon, as the neglected urban parts of Athens.