Day: March 6, 2023

Tragedy Upon Tragedy

It feels like the whole world is in mourning..

The month of February would prove to be brutal and devastating for many countries. There were mass deaths all over the world. These mass deaths have unveiled the lies, deception and corruption of those who are-unfortunately-in power.

On February 3rd, a freight train containing hazardous materals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. The toxic substanice contaminated the air, soil and creeks nearby. The toxic substance is carcinogenic and residents are concerened about their health. Thousands of aquatic life have been killed by the contaminated water. This was, for many, a preventable tragedy and not just an accident.

On February 6th, Turkey and Syria were struck by two mega quakes. The earthquakes toppled hundreds of buildings and over fifty-thousand people were killed. A horrific tragedy that shocked all of humanity. It was then revealed that the buildings were not anti-seismic, and that they should never have been built. Dozens of people were arrested in Turkey.

On February 26th in Italy, bodies of migranst filled a beach in Calabria. The wooden ship broke apart and at least 70 people drowned. The migrants had been smuggled in from Turkey. The refugee cirsis is a problem that the European Union has not done enough to tackle. Instead, countries like Greece and Italy are left to their own devices to deal with the masive influx of desperate people trying to get to Europe.

On February 28th, Greece would suffer the worst train derailment-disaster in its history. The high and excitement of the carnival weekend was follwed by a major, devastating low. On the night of 28th of February, two trains collided head on. One was carrying cargo and the other carried passengers-mostly young students travelling from Athens to Thessaloniki. The death toll was staggering; 57 dead mostly in their early twenties. The country is in mouring and anger has filled the air. The tragedy brought to light the major problems with the railway system and other modes of public transportation. The corruption and gaslighting was revealed when others voiced their concerns over problems with the railway company in the past.

One Greek journalist made the appalling statement that sometimes people have to be sacrificed in order for changes to be made! Well… we are not pagans anymore. The youth does not and should not be thrown in a sacrificial fire to bring about change! It was yet another inexcusable and preventable tragedy.