Author: Angela Zafiris

Hello! I'm a Artist/Writer/Photographer who lives in Athens, Greece. I have many creative ways from writing, photography, collage art, mixed-media art and poetry. I love sharing my work with people from all over the world through my blog.


My shot of a beautiful full rainbow after the heavy rainfall yesterday in Athens.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” Martin Luther King Jr

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Jasmine (Music)

A very talented Greek musician named Christos Barbas asked for my permission to use one of my favourite photos of a jasmine flower for his music video.

Music sees no borders. Enjoy 🙂

Many thanks to Christo for using my photograph. 🙂

For more music from Christo please visit:


Pink gladiolas from my garden.

ΚΑΛΟ ΜΗΝΑ! Happy New Month!

When I was trying to come up with a title for this post I quickly typed the phrase ‘In the pink’. I didn’t know why and where that came from. Out of curiosity I decided to look it up and was surprised to find out that it actually means something. According to ‘in the pink’ is and English idiom and it means to be in extremely good health and spirits. And in the 1500’s ‘pink’ meant ‘the embodiment of perfection’.

When used in a sentence one would say: ‘Suzy recovered from the flu and is feeling pink again.’

I have never heard anyone use this phrase or word this way. It’s new to me.

So I hope and wish that everyone be in the pink when all this craziness is over. And may it end soon.

Mati-2 years later..

On the 23rd of July 2018, a catastrophic and deadly fire ripped through the coastal town of Mati. The winds were especially strong that day, and it is the last thing you want when a fire is raging.

The fire would claim 102 innocent lives. For many days after the fire people frantically searched for their missing loved ones.

It was a shocking and dramatic summer that no Greek will ever forget.

May the victims be in peace and justice be served.

My image of the fire taken from my rooftop on that fateful day.

All The Rage/Ολη η οργή

‘All the Rage’ torn paper collage by Angela Zafiris

This year so far has been a year of many battles. From the battle against a deadly virus, to the battle against systemic racism. Humans are in a constant never-ending battle. With so many technological advancements and accumulation of knowledge many humans are still not evolved and still have the same prejudices that their ancestors had.

The black community worldwide has every right to feel angry. They have the right to demand better treatment from people who have authority, and from regular people, in the country that they reside in.

They battle is not over and we can expect to see a lot more outbursts of anger. Nevertheless, people who feel unfairly treated whether they are women, members of the LGBTQ community, or visible minorities should never stop fighting for a better future.

The flames of passionate anger that can bring change should never extinguish. Not until humans are finally cleansed of their intolerance and prejudice.


These insects and animals are in their own microcosm they don’t know anything about pandemics, lock downs, financial and political crises, societal shake ups etc. etc.

But, we humans are FULLY aware of everything around us. Are humans the biggest losers on the planet?

I think we are 😉

Αυτά τα έντομα και τα ζώα είναι στο δικό τους μικρόκοσμο που δεν γνωρίζουν τίποτα για πανδημίες, λοκ νταουν, οικονομικές και πολιτικές κρίσεις, κοινωνικές αναταραχές κ.λπ. κ.λπ.

Όμως, εμείς οι άνθρωποι γνωρίζουμε ΠΛΗΡΩΣ τα πάντα γύρω μας. Είναι οι άνθρωποι οι μεγαλύτεροι χαμένοι στον πλανήτη;

Νομίζω ότι είμαστε;)

Serene Landscape/Γαλήνιο Τοπίο /

Landscape photography is my favourite style of photography. I take so many photos as if the landscape as I fear it will move or change completely!

If only our brains and souls were as serene as the landscapes we explore..

Μακάρι το μυαλό και την ψυχή μας να ήταν τόσο γαλήνια όσο τα τοπία που εξερευνούμε ..

Hawk In the Sky/Γερακι στον Ουρανο

The hawk flies freely across the landscape. Flying in circles in this beautiful dry valley. I envy these birds.

I am assuming it is a hawk I am not an ornithologist 😉

Το γεράκι πετά ελεύθερα ψηλά πάνω από το ξηρό τοπίο. Πετάει και κανει κύκλους σε αυτή την όμορφη, ξηρά κοιλάδα. Ζηλεύω τα πουλιά αυτά.

Υποθέτω ότι είναι γεράκι, δεν είμαι ορνιθολόγος 😉

Dark World/Σκοτεινος Κοσμος

A few photographs of the strawberry moon and the lunar eclipse from last night. We had a lot of cloud coverage here in Athens and I didn’t catch the moon when it was clear on time. I thought that the dark clouds looked so ominous and a bit foreboding. I took it as a sign that what we are going to see a lot more things that we never thought we would see before. There is a lot of talk from prophets and astrologers a like so I think we are in for a wild ride. What we have seen before and experienced won’t even compare.

The match has been lit…