Poseidon Laughs/Γελάει ο Ποσειδώνας

‘Poseidon Laughs’, Illustration by Angela Zafiris

The Greek God Poseidon is on of the twelve gods of Olympus in ancient Greek religion and mythology. He is the King/God of the sea, earthquakes, storms and horses.

While earthquakes and storms may be no laughing matter for us mortals, for a god like Poseidon they sure are!

The gods are crazy!

Ο Έλληνας Θεός Ποσειδώνας είναι ένας από τους δώδεκα θεούς του Ολύμπου στην αρχαία ελληνική θρησκεία και μυθολογία. Είναι ο Βασιλιάς/Θεός της θάλασσας, των σεισμών, των καταιγίδων και των αλόγων.

Ενώ οι σεισμοί και οι καταιγίδες μπορεί να είναι αστεία για εμάς τους θνητούς, για έναν θεό σαν τον Ποσειδώνα σίγουρα είναι!

Οι θεοί είναι τρελοί!

Queen Cleopatra.. From the Beyond

‘Queen Cleopatra..from the Beyond’ Illustration by Angela Zafiris

Servant: “My Queen have you heard the latest that is being said about you?”

Queen Cleopatra: “Uggh. What are they saying again?”

Queen Cleopatra. Queen of Egypt as well as the Queen of Divisiveness.

For over a hundred years Hollywood has made countless films about Queen Cleopatra. All of them were played by a caucasian actress. They were light-skinned and dark-haired women. Everyone had grown accustomed to that. Then, recently the streaming service, Netflix in their historical docu-series ‘African Queens’ cast a black woman to play the Queen. This has created a lot of controversy, and uproar from a lot of people of different ethnicities..

I think that it is well-established that Queen Cleopatra was a Greek woman who was descendant of the Ptolomies. She was a product of the Hellenistic Empire, built by Alexander the Great. Cleopatra’s ancestor Ptolomy I Soter was Alexander’s classmate in Macedonia, as well as one of his generals. Egypt was placed in Ptolomies’ hands after the death of Alexander the Great. Also, it is well documented that Macedonians were very particular about their bloodline, even in Greece. Alexander was half-Macedonian and half-Epirote. Both were/are Greek states, yet he was insulted for not being ‘pure- blooded’ by people in his father’s court. The Ptolomies would have carried this mentality with their bloodline and as a result were very inbred. Hec, Queen Cleopatra even married her teenage brother!

The casting of Queen Cleopatra was never controversial in the past, so why is it now? In recent years if the actress is causcasian it’s ‘white washing’ if she is black it is ‘black-washing’ or Afrocentrism.

In my opinion Queen Cleopatra has reached near mythological proportions, and that is one of the problems Many people want her as part of their culture. People have their own fantasies and ideas about her. They have their fantasies of how she may have looked and behaved. However, with so many depictions of her in statues and coins and commentary about her by ancient sources, she should not be a such a great mystery, nor should their be doubts about how she looked or what her ethnicity was.

To solve the casting issue, it seems that the best, and most logical solution would be to cast a Greek actress. But, I have heard very few people even admit to this-if any! Which begs the question as to why Hollywood and many western journalists are so dismissive of modern Greeks, as well as Egyptians? Why do they have this cultural bias? Who and what is to blame for this? Is it their arrogance? Jealousy? Is it a result of the brainwashing from ‘Anglophilic Hollywood?? What is it?? Why are people -both black and white- trying to erase our rich culture and history?

For a long time I have been all too aware of this erasure, bigotry and dismissiveness of my people. Take a look at any channel with the subject of Greeks and Greece and then read the comment section. Or go on reddit-even worse.. There is so much slander and hatred towards my people by certain people from certain countries. We all know who they are. They believe that we have been ‘breeded out’ due to the many invaders that reached the shores of Greece. These are the type of people who don’t believe that neither modern Greeks or modern Egyptians are the genetic continuation of their ancestors. These claims are erroneous as well as racist, and downright dangerous! There have been many DNA tests done, and the results are conclusive, and unanimous.

These are our ancestors! Deal with it!

There have been many films made about Greek history and mythology, but there has never been a strong and loud debate about why Greeks don’t get cast in these roles. Unfortunately, the Greek lobby abroard isn’t strong. There are no famous Greeks. The few that have some sort of notoriety are too ‘white-washed’, or ‘Anglicized’ that even non-Greeks make fun and them. This is extremely problematic. We are not a large group so every voice counts. I feel that a person without passion for their culture, and person who is far removed from their cultural identiy is a very tragic person. As you are empty and souless without a culturaly identiy.

So, the problem is both the white-washing as well as the black-washing of these two mediterranean peoples. Both the Egyptians and Greeks have a rich and extensive history. Their is a mutual respect and admiration for each other. I am grateful that people are finally having this discussion all over social media platforms like YouTube, The ‘documentary’ was bad as it erases Greek culture and history, but it was good because more people have become aware of the problem and more people have learned the truth about Queen Cleopatra. That she was indeed an intelligent, crafty, strong, strategic Greek-Macedonian woman who was much, much more than her romances. She built armies, defied Rome and went to war against Rome. She made Egypt more independent by trading with regions outside of the Roman empire. And for those reasons she deserves all the admiration and the respect of a true Queen. 🙂

Goldfish Guru

Illustration using black ink by Angela Zafiris
Watercolour painting by Angela Zafiris

The Goldfish Guru is a happy fish. Due to his bad memory he forgets that his daily routine consists of swimming in a tiny glass bowl day after day.

If there was a technology that could erase people’s bad memories would that make people happier?

Is it the bad memories or their current difficult situation that are making people unhappy? Or both?

If it is the bad memories that caused the person to be unhappy in their present situation, can the erasure of the bad memories improve the present situation?

So many question, and so few answers…

One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.”-Rita Mae Brown

Masks Off!/Οι Μάσκες Βγαίνουν!

‘Masks off’ Illustration by Angela Zafiris

The masks come off / Οι μάσκες βγαίνουν

All is revealed / Όλα αποκαλύπτονται

The lies, deception, and corruption / Τα ψέματα, η εξαπάτηση και η διαφθορά

Shady people / Aνέντιμοι άνθρωποι

Dark entities / Σκοτεινές οντότητες

Snakes in the grass / Φίδια στο γρασίδι

They’ve all been cut / Έχουν κοπεί όλοι

Banished from this clean house/ Διώχτηκε από αυτό το καθαρό σπίτι

Doors shut and locked / Πόρτες κλειστές και κλειδωμένες

Boundaries and borders are up/ Έχουν χτιστεί όρια και σύνορα

No more insults, judging/ Τέρμα οι προσβολές και οι κρίσεις

And all of their projecting/ Και όλες οι προβολές τους

Their anger and shortcomings/ Ο θυμός και οι ελλείψεις τους

On to me/ Πάνω σε μένα

The good are a very few/ Οι καλοί είναι πολύ λίγοι

See the bad ones run to the churches/ Δείτε τους κακούς να τρέχουν στις εκκλησίες

Too late, they can’t be saved/ Πολύ αργά, δεν μπορούν να σωθούν

Their arrogance, and hypocrisy/ Την αλαζονεία και την υποκρισία τους

All the rage./ Ολη η οργή τους.

“It’s good to see the snakes revealing themselves. They weren’t actually hidden at all. People hide behind the masks, but eventually you see them for who they truly are.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana

“Είναι καλό να βλέπεις τα φίδια να αποκαλύπτονται. Στην πραγματικότητα δεν ήταν καθόλου κρυμμένα. Οι άνθρωποι κρύβονται πίσω από τις μάσκες, αλλά τελικά τους βλέπεις αυτό που πραγματικά είναι”.

Tragedy Upon Tragedy

It feels like the whole world is in mourning..

The month of February would prove to be brutal and devastating for many countries. There were mass deaths all over the world. These mass deaths have unveiled the lies, deception and corruption of those who are-unfortunately-in power.

On February 3rd, a freight train containing hazardous materals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. The toxic substanice contaminated the air, soil and creeks nearby. The toxic substance is carcinogenic and residents are concerened about their health. Thousands of aquatic life have been killed by the contaminated water. This was, for many, a preventable tragedy and not just an accident.

On February 6th, Turkey and Syria were struck by two mega quakes. The earthquakes toppled hundreds of buildings and over fifty-thousand people were killed. A horrific tragedy that shocked all of humanity. It was then revealed that the buildings were not anti-seismic, and that they should never have been built. Dozens of people were arrested in Turkey.

On February 26th in Italy, bodies of migranst filled a beach in Calabria. The wooden ship broke apart and at least 70 people drowned. The migrants had been smuggled in from Turkey. The refugee cirsis is a problem that the European Union has not done enough to tackle. Instead, countries like Greece and Italy are left to their own devices to deal with the masive influx of desperate people trying to get to Europe.

On February 28th, Greece would suffer the worst train derailment-disaster in its history. The high and excitement of the carnival weekend was follwed by a major, devastating low. On the night of 28th of February, two trains collided head on. One was carrying cargo and the other carried passengers-mostly young students travelling from Athens to Thessaloniki. The death toll was staggering; 57 dead mostly in their early twenties. The country is in mouring and anger has filled the air. The tragedy brought to light the major problems with the railway system and other modes of public transportation. The corruption and gaslighting was revealed when others voiced their concerns over problems with the railway company in the past.

One Greek journalist made the appalling statement that sometimes people have to be sacrificed in order for changes to be made! Well… we are not pagans anymore. The youth does not and should not be thrown in a sacrificial fire to bring about change! It was yet another inexcusable and preventable tragedy.

From Fearful to Fearless

I cannot believe that it has already been three years since the pandemic really took the world by storm. The ‘unprecendented times’, words spoken by many news reporters, shocked and scared many. It changed so many peoples lives. Their jobs, their relationships their health all were affected by the pandemic.

Looking back, many mistakes were made. Governments became too authoritarian. And people became more angrier and divided than ever over issues such as the vaccines, and the mandatory enforcement of them.

But, the worst off all was the pandemic of fear. This had and still has crippled many people. It worsened people’s mental health and which led to terrible results for some.

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.“-Madam Curie

“Fear is an insidious virus. Given a breeding place in our minds … it will eat away our spirit and block the forward path of our endeavors.”-James F. Bell III

Eat The Rich!

“Eat the RIch” illustration by Angela Zafiris

It was French Queen Marie Antoinette who was rumored to have famously said ‘let them eat cake!’ Now the modern elites are telling the common folk to eat bugs!

I was disgusted when, I heard in the news, that the U.N and European commission recommends that people eat crickets, worms and locusts!

Little critters that will surely fill you up (yeah right!) instead of bread, meat and vegetables. Not even a vegan diet will suffice!

The two excuses being the war in Ukraine and our doomed environment.

Because Russia, in response to the sanctions, has banned “unfriendly states” from exporting fertilizers, which has resulted in a reduction in the production of vegetables, cereals, etc., but also banning the export of cereals, which has resulted in a reduction in animal feed. And the other excuse being the environment. We eat too much meat. Animals need a lot of food to be fed. etc.

Not even during the second world war where millions died from the famine, did any government recommend this type of diet seen mostly Asian cultures.

This had me asking myself a few questions. Are these elites are trying to make us westerners more like the Asians? Are they that desperate? Have they ‘lost their marbles’?

The answers: ‘Yes, yes and most definitely a yes!’

I Know that there will be people, who stupidly do what every authority figure or celebrity puppet tells them to do because they are like sheep and blind bats.

But, what they need to understand is that while they are eating their ‘delicious’ worm and locust salad and feeling guilt- free, as they believe that they are saving the environment, behind closed doors the elites in Brussels and elsewhere will be enjoying their steaks, caviar, cheese and wine!

Then again, if famine strikes and we are craving meat we could just eat the rich! The wealthy are well-fed, full of nutrients and a good source of protein!

Bon appétit!

Mykonos!…For a Hefty Pr$c€/Μύκονος σε Τσουχτερή Τιμή!

‘Mykonos for a heft price’ illustration by Angela Zafiris

Everyone knows how expensive Mykonos can be. It has become a bit of a joke. It is most certainly not a place that most Greeks can afford to go to which is a bit shameful.

And, yes I have heard that a beach chair can cost you about a thousand euros. Crazy!

Όλοι ξέρουν πόσο ακριβή μπορεί να είναι η Μύκονος. Έχει γίνει λίγο αστείο. Σίγουρα δεν είναι ένα μέρος που οι περισσότεροι Έλληνες μπορούν να αντέξουν οικονομικά να πάνε, κάτι που είναι λίγο ντροπιαστικό

Και, ναι, έχω ακούσει ότι μια ξαπλώστρα μπορεί να σου κοστίσει περίπου χίλια ευρώ. Τρελά!

..I I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I might redo this drawing as soo as the sweat stops dripping down my face and things get more comfortable. :0

The Truth Prevails/Η αλήθεια υπερισχύει

“In a time of universal deceit-telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.-George Orwell

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” -Arthur Schopenhauer

Σε μια εποχή καθολικής εξαπάτησης, η αλήθεια είναι μια επαναστατική πράξη».-George Orwell

Όλη η αλήθεια περνά από τρία στάδια. Πρώτον, γελοιοποιείται. Δεύτερον, αντιτίθεται έντονα. Τρίτον, γίνεται αποδεκτό ως αυτονόητο».-Arthur Schopenhauer

Sisyphos Happy?/Ο Σίσυφος Χαρούμενος;

‘Sisyphos Happy?-Illustration by Angela Zafiris

Many people know the famous myth of Sisyphos (Sisyphus Lat.) He was the king of Ephyra (Corinth) who was punished by Zeus for cheating death twice. His punishment was to carry a boulder up a hill only for it to come rolling down. He would have to repeat this task for all of eternity. The myth has greatly influenced our culture, for example when a person is struggling with a task and they feel there is no victory in sight the task is called ‘Sisyphean’.

I feel that most peoples lives are ‘sisyphean’. We all have a boulder that we roll up a hill only for it to come down again. For most people the struggle is never ending. Some people have it better, of course, but they are always dealing with something, and others have it much, much worse.

Others have much bigger bolders to roll up hills and others have smaller ones. Nonetheless, everyone has a task they have to do that is not easy.

“People settle for a level of despair they can tolerate and call it happiness.“-Soren Kierkegaard (Danish Theologian)

Πολλοί γνωρίζουν τον περίφημο μύθο του Σίσυφου. Ήταν ο βασιλιάς της Εφύρας (Κόρινθος) που τιμωρήθηκε από τον Δία επειδή εξαπάτησε τον θάνατο δύο φορές. Η τιμωρία του ήταν να μεταφέρει έναν ογκόλιθο πάνω σε ένα λόφο μόνο για να κατέβει. Θα έπρεπε να επαναλαμβάνει αυτό το έργο για όλη την αιωνιότητα. Ο μύθος έχει επηρεάσει πολύ στην σύγχρονη κουλτούρα μας και τον ξένο πολιτισμό. Για παράδειγμα όταν ένα άτομο παλεύει με ένα έργο και αισθάνεται ότι δεν φαίνεται νίκη, το έργο ονομάζεται «Σισυφαίος».

Νιώθω ότι οι ζωές των περισσότερων ανθρώπων είναι «σισύφειες». Όλοι έχουμε έναν ογκόλιθο που που κουβαλάμε σε ένα λόφο μόνο για να κατέβει ξανά. Για τους περισσότερους ανθρώπους ο αγώνας δεν τελειώνει ποτέ. Κάποιοι περνούν καλύτερα στη ζωή τους φυσικά, αλλά ολο και κάποιο πρόβλημα έχουν, και άλλοι περνούν χειρότερα και έχουν μεγαλύτερα προβλήματα.

Κάποιοι έχουν πολύ μεγαλύτερους ογκόλιθος να κουβαλάνε στο λόφο, και κάποιοι μικρότεροι. Παρόλα αυτά όλοι έχουν ένα έργο που πρέπει να πραγματοποιήσουν που δεν είναι εύκολη.

«Οι άνθρωποι συμβιβάζονται με ένα επίπεδο απόγνωσης που μπορούν να ανεχθούν και το αποκαλούν ευτυχία.» -Soren Kierkegaard (Δανός Θεολόγος)