The Magic of Epidaurus/Η Μαγεια της Επιδαυρου

It was my first time at Epidaurus theatre, and I was awe-struck by this massive theatre that seats up to 13,000 people. It was built in 350 B.C by Polykleitos and it was dedicated to Asclepius the god of healing and t is the best preserved ancient theatre in Greece. It’s in an isolated region of the country side of Argolid for good reason. This place was a sanctuary for the sick from all over who arrived here to get closer to nature and to be healed by the natural surroundings. They stayed at the nearby temples just few metres from the theatre where they could exercise, relax and consult the priests. The reason for the theatre being here was because it was thought that the sick people would be healed by watching the tragedies as it would be a very cathartic and therapeutic experience for them. Also, the theatre is famous for its great acoustics and many tourists like to stand in the middle of the stage and clap or talk loud. The noise can be heard all the up to the last row of seats.  Ancient theatre is still performed here and many famous actors and actresses have performed at this sacred spot.


Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nominee – Shout Outs

Inspiring Blogger Award

Just when I thought that the universe was conspiring against me, I went on my blog and found out that I have been nominated for the ‘very inspiring blogger’ award. Yes, the universe loves me! (haha!) Such a great honour! Being able inspire people is a tremendous gift and it was one of the main reasons I started this blog. A big, big thank you to the very talented Artist Karen for nominating me! Her colourful work gave me more incentive to continue on my creative way.  Sometimes when you blog you feel like you’re talking to a wall and you’re not sure who is listening, so it’s wonderful when people recognize you and appreciate what you do.

Help share this compliment throughout the blogosphere,  the rules for the award are:

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7 Things About Me

1. I am a huge dreamer, and it’s a problem..

2. I have had a passion for photography since I was a child, but I didn’t take it more seriously until I began this blog.

3. I keep a block of A4 lined paper on my nightstand because when I wake up in the morning ( eh afternoon) I am bombarded with dialogue for screenplays. I also keep a dream journal. I usually dream about eating chocolate 😉

4. I have a university degree in Cultural Anthropology.

5.  Stray cats take advantage of me. They know that I’m a sucker! I recently saved one death. So proud!

6. I was ‘hit’ with a strong passion for making art in my late twenties. It surprised a lot of people who thought they knew me. Hey, I didn’t know myself either. The soul is so unpredictable ;0

7. My signs, in case you were wondering: Virgo, Sheep and Flamingo.


There are so many phenomenal blogs, and it was so hard for me to choose. Many of the following really kept me going and some where commenters from the genesis of my blog.

1. Angelart Star

2. Edge of Humanity Magazine

3. Mejfote

4. SomniVisionArt

5  Claudia McGill Writes Poetry did you know that?

6. Feralc4t

7. A Place Called Love

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10. Victor Rakmil

11. Ron Scubadiver’s Wild Life

12. Filippa Levemarks Blog

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14. Spanishwoods

15. Riccardo Barucci

Thanks again to Karen for her support!

My Handmade Christmas Cards/Η Χειροποίητες Χριστουγεννιάτικες Kάρτες Μου

Last year I made some homemade Christmas cards that I sent out to friends. I didn’t post them on my blog-I forgot. This year I decided to make some new ones. I didn’t think that I would be very inspired but it just goes to show that if you just begin something then inspiration will come.  Two of them have trees on them that were made from bubble wrap which I then painted over with acrylics. The third card is a card collage made from bits of paper from a magazine that I used to make Christmas stockings. For the fourth card I recycled a gold paper wrap from chocolate and I used it to make the border.  I didn’t notice this until I put the card on the computer, but the candy cane has two Greek letter ‘X’ and ‘Ω’ the combination of the two letters makes the word ‘Ho’ !  Something that Santa says (and only Santa should say) , so I thought that was a crazy coincidence! Hmmm maybe this is a sign that Santa will bring me gifts this year…

Charybdis and Precious Time/Χάρυβδις και Ο Πολύτιμος Χρόνος

Charybdis and Precious Time

Paper collage on 40 x 40 cm canvas
By Angela Zafiris

When I began making my artwork I had no idea what the theme would be i just worked from intuition placing images together on the canvas. When I was done, I decided that I was going to call it ‘Precious Time’ since I used jewels and faces of watches. That same day I was on the internet when I cam across an article n about mythological creatures. One creature that caught my attention was that of Charybdis.  In Greek mythology Charybdis was the daughter of Poseidon and Gaia . She was once a beautiful naiad who was turned into a sea monster by Circe, a witch, who was extremely jealous of the maiden. Charybdis is the personification of a whirl pool in the ocean that sinks Greek ships. She is referenced in Homers’ ‘The Odyssey’ where Odysseas is faced with Scylla (another monster) and Charybdis in a narrow strait and where Scylla took the lives of some of his crew men.

Was it mere coincidence? Fate? Whatever it was I just thought it was so odd how I came across this mythology that I wasn’t very familiar with on the day that I was to name and publish my artwork on my site.  Artwork that might  have been inspired by the mythology but was not-or maybe it was… perhaps subconsciously?

Breaking Free/Ελευθερια

Torn Paper collage by Angela Zafiris

For a very long time I would see, in my mind,  a woman being released from her isolation.  I saw her walls breaking down. She walked alone with the wind behind her pushing her toward the blue sky. The sun is coming out of the clouds and is ready to greet her. She doesn’t know what fate has in store for her but has an undying hope. Green symbolizes hope this is why she wears a green dress instead of black which symbolizes mourning.  This woman mourns no more…

In this collage I used bits of torn blue paper from magazines for the sky. Torn bits of brown paper for the bricks and green for the females’ dress. The papers were glued on 34 x22 cm cardboard paper.

Conversation Heart Collage- #IHeart Art

Collage Heart B&W

Collage Hearts by Angela Zafiris

Today, I participated in an a webinar hosted by ‘’ . I learned how to make  a three-layered heart collage using cardboard paper, text, pen and pencil, gesso, ribbon a hole puncher and glue. I didn’t have the right fabric for the second layer so I used bits of red coloured paper. For the smallest heart you can write a love poem or quote. There are so many things that you can do. I was very inspired and will probably make more for friends and family.  It’s a nice little gift to give to someone you love. You can hang it anywhere you want.

So get crafty!

Fall Goddess/Φθινοπωρινή Θεά

Fall Goddess

Mixed-media painting on canvas 45 X 35 cm
By: Angela Zafiris

My first painting of the new year is a mixed-media painting. I don’t usually paint faces. I do make sketches and I will be painting more faces in the near future.  I mostly enjoy ripping paper to make collages, but I thought I’d take more risks and stretch myself more.  For the painting I used leaves from my garden to use as stamps for the background. The climate in Athens is different from Western Europe and Northern Greece which is why I was able to gather leaves in the winter.  I painted some of the leaves gold and glued them on the canvas.  The gold leaves became a headdress and it shines beautifully in the light which I am glad the photograph captured.