Rare Events

Super Blue Blood Red Moon



The “Supermoon” went from blood red to yellow.


The yellow “Supermoon”.


Today was the day the ‘supertrifecta’: blue moon, supermoon and total lunar eclipse occurred all at once, the last time this happened was 150 years ago!

Here in Greece, I was able to see the moon clearly and I saw the full moon change hues from red to yellow ocher. But, I didn’t see any blue hues on the moon. People who live in East Asia, Australia, and the West coast of North America will see this extremely rare supermoon a lot more clearly.

The phrase ‘once and a blue moon’ comes to mind and I think that we can expect a lot of changes with this rare moon. I believe the changes have already affected me because I did a good job of cleaning and organizing my bedroom 😉


Passing of the Flame Ceremony

Yesterday evening I went to the passing of the flame ceremony at the Panathinaiko stadium in Athens. The flame had travelled from Olympia through most of Greece and then to Athens at the Acropolis. After the Acropolis the flame was taken to the Panathinakio stadium where the first modern Olympics were held in 1896.  It was an exciting and fun event with the Evzones,  Opera singers, a kids choir, a band and orchestra. The Priestesses were the main highlight of the evening with their beautiful and powerful ancient dance. Then some Greek folk dancing followed by the Brazilian performers with their drums and their fit capoeira dancers. It was nice to see a  celebration of culture and unity and many happy faces in a very difficult time for Greece and the world. And now the flame is off to Brazil and it’s 99 days until the games begin!

Olympic Flame/Ολυμπιακή Φλόγα


The rehearsal of the ‘lighting of the flame ceremony’ in Ancient Olympia. The actual ceremony will take place tomorrow. No spectators can get this close on that day.The photographs were taken courtesy of my cousin who is lucky enough to work at the ancient site inspite of the hot sun 😉 The flame will travel all the way to Brazil for the summer Olympic games.

I remember being in the ancient stadium for the Athens 2004 Olympic flame ceremony. It was a very cloudy day and then at the right moment the clouds opened up at the and the sun shined through, and the flame was lit. It was a very magical and memorable experience!


Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nominee – Shout Outs

Inspiring Blogger Award

Just when I thought that the universe was conspiring against me, I went on my blog and found out that I have been nominated for the ‘very inspiring blogger’ award. Yes, the universe loves me! (haha!) Such a great honour! Being able inspire people is a tremendous gift and it was one of the main reasons I started this blog. A big, big thank you to the very talented Artist Karen http://idoartkarenrobinson.com for nominating me! Her colourful work gave me more incentive to continue on my creative way.  Sometimes when you blog you feel like you’re talking to a wall and you’re not sure who is listening, so it’s wonderful when people recognize you and appreciate what you do.

Help share this compliment throughout the blogosphere,  the rules for the award are:

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7 Things About Me

1. I am a huge dreamer, and it’s a problem..

2. I have had a passion for photography since I was a child, but I didn’t take it more seriously until I began this blog.

3. I keep a block of A4 lined paper on my nightstand because when I wake up in the morning ( eh afternoon) I am bombarded with dialogue for screenplays. I also keep a dream journal. I usually dream about eating chocolate 😉

4. I have a university degree in Cultural Anthropology.

5.  Stray cats take advantage of me. They know that I’m a sucker! I recently saved one death. So proud!

6. I was ‘hit’ with a strong passion for making art in my late twenties. It surprised a lot of people who thought they knew me. Hey, I didn’t know myself either. The soul is so unpredictable ;0

7. My signs, in case you were wondering: Virgo, Sheep and Flamingo.


There are so many phenomenal blogs, and it was so hard for me to choose. Many of the following really kept me going and some where commenters from the genesis of my blog.

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Thanks again to Karen for her support!

Full Moon Madness

By Angela Zafiris

By Angela Zafiris

What a disappointment! My ‘supermoon’ had been blocked by rainy clouds.  My plan to take a photograph of the moon was almost aborted when a few hours later the clouds dispersed. The whole sky did not clear but I did get some photos of the full moon.

It is a rare moon because the last time the moon was that big it was in March 1993-18 years ago. I don’t remember where I was or if I was aware of its appearance then. I was about thirteen years old, so I was probably busy doing my homework 😉

The next time we will see it will be in 2029. Some people are frightful of full moons. They believe that they cause catastrophes such as earthquakes and tsunamis. It is odd that only a few days ago Japan was hit with a massive earthquake and tsunami.   Today, the day of the ‘supermoon’s’ appearance, we are hearing of an upcoming war in Libya. Whether the full moon is to blame for people becoming more impatient, aggressive and war mongering  is open to discussion.  Astrologers are claiming that this moon will bring more catastrophes in the upcoming days. The only thing we can do then is to be cautious. We can’t say we were not warned.

Iris the Rainbow

My Full Rainbow

In ancient times, the rainbows was thought to link Heaven and Earth.  In many ancient cultures, rainbows symbolized  promises and they were signs or messages from above.  In modern times, people have to work harder to make ends meet, as a result people lose  focus from what is most important.  People ignore the beauty of nature. Scientific explanations have ruined our imaginations. There seems to be an explanation for everything. But, try as some may there will always be a sense of mystery around us.

In Greek mythology, Iris was the Goddess of the rainbow, and she was the messenger for the Goddess Hera. Everything in nature mattered to the ancients. Nothing was ignored.






I love this song!!!




Global Crisis/Παγκοσμια Κριση

In the time of the ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates the Greek word ‘crisis’ (Gk.  Κριση) meant ‘a turning point in a disease’. This turning point can either lead to recovery or death.  Nowadays the word crisis means a crucial stage or an unstable period either in one’s personal life or in politics and economics. Many countries all over the world are at a turning point of a disease, the disease being greed. Corporations have exhausted the resources in our environment and left irreversible damages on the environment ex. the oil spill in the  Gulf of Mexico. People are losing their jobs at an alarming rate, and few people can look to the future with a smile on their face. This is the time when people have to stop to think about the future and to think abou the damage that was done, not only to society but to ourselves. People are suffering, we all know that, but not very many will recover. Those who are fortunate enough to  recover will venture into a stable phase; alot stronger and more prosperous than before.

‘If you have a crisis, whether on a ship or wherever, there are heroes who rise above it.’
American Director Jerry Bruckheimer

A Bee Problem!

Yesterday, I felt  brave, so I decided to finally get rid of these bees.

I thought of not harming them.  I first decided to get rid of them naturally. I had read that bees detest the smell of burning coffee beans, so I put some beans on a piece of  aluminum foil, then I lit a match and placed it in the coffee beans. One of the beans started to burn.  A lot of smoke came out, and I stood underneath the beehive and wafted the smoke toward the beehive. The bees did seem annoyed by the smell and they remained still.  But, suddenly,  it got very windy so I had to abandon this plan.  I was feeling restless. So, I just grabbed the mosquito spray. I made sure to wear light coloured clothing-dark colours annoy them. I hid in the corner and sprayed the hive just once.

After spraying the beehive with bug spray I ran inside. Within a few minutes all the bees had dropped dead. Except maybe two that had hidden behind the hive. These two bees were buzzing around looking for me. The two bees went to the other corner and they were going to build another hive again-they really are relentless and hard-working. I got someone else to spray them head on.

With a painter’s spatula, I scraped the hive off of the wall. It was very easy and the hive was as light as a paper. I then burnt the beehive to prevent the bees from coming back to it.

I washed the wall with some soap and water and cleaned out any remaining pieces of the beehive.

Mission Accomplished!!

Facebook California

A few weeks ago I deleted my Facebook account. I thought that  it would be easy, but while in the process of deleting my account  I  discovered that this popular social networking site was not easy to let go.  First because ‘it’ wouldn’t let me go and second I realised that I had become used to it.  As humans living in an ever-changing environment we learn to adapt and we sometimes forget how things were like before.

There are certain things that become a way of  life,  like the television and the radio and many other things we didn’t have two hundred yeas ago. Many people cannot fathom how someone cannot watch television or even own a television or a cell phone or computer etc. Everyone is supposed  to follow the status quo to embrace the new and complicated things that come our way. If you don’t you will be as backward as the Homo sapiens who lived in caves.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate technology. I have a blog.  I don’t hate Facebook either I think that it is a great idea and you get in touch with people you would have never have been able to get in touch with  in normal circumstances.  As for the privacy issue that really wasn’t my main concern, because I didn’t put much information about myself on Facebook. I had barely any photos of myself and my privacy settings were pretty high.  I just found that it was just too distracting. I would go on the internet and check my Hotmail account and from there I would get interesting links to other sites. Then I would log into my Facebook account. I would go on Facebook and reply to the comments there;  then I would play the various games, and then get constantly bombarded with pop ups from advertisers asking me for my email address.

When I was finally in the process of deleting my account a dialogue ensued with the computer.

Facebook: ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’

Me: “If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be on this specific page’.

Then photographs of  my Facebook friends appeared on the screen and a message.

Facebook:  ‘Please send them a goodbye message’.

Me: ‘ Well,  tear out my heart-strings why don’t you!’

Facebook: “Why are you leaving me! What did I do?”

Then  a box appeared with a list of my possible reasons for wanting to leave Facebook.

Me: ‘You were useless!’

Facebook: “You need to add more friends’.

Then some suggestions  to improve my ‘Facebooking’.  I ignore the suggestions and then Facebook retaliated.

Facebook:  ‘Alright then take this!  We’re sorry to let you go. You can reactivate your account by using your email address and the same password. We hope you will be back soon… Sucker!’

On the last page my heart took a dive and my brain spun.   Then I came to my senses and thought  to myself,  ‘it’s just Facebook!’  But, then it occurred to me that  I haven’t really left Facebook.   I am in their hard drive, their  ‘private’ files for ever.  That is when I realised that Facebook is just like Hotel California ‘you can  check out  [log out] anytime you like, but you can never  leave!’…

Link to the lyrics for ‘Hotel California ‘ Facebook California