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Snowflake Ballerina


My little snowflake ballerina hanging from my orange tree. I decided to get a little crafty after seeing how to make this on Pinterest

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Heart Strings

Sometimes I like to get crafty, especially after I go on my Pinterest binge. I saw this idea and I had to try it. You only need a piece of wood, some string and nails. It’s a noisy piece of artwork to make, but I think that it’s worth it, and it looks great on my wall 😉


Happy Valentines day! A day that has evolved from a day that was exclusively for lovers to a day where everyone can be shown some love; as love comes in different forms not just romantic 😉

Collage Cover Sleeve



I made a mix tape of old Greek songs for a friend of mine who came to Greece this past summer.  I had nowhere to put the Cd, so I thought I’d make my cd sleeve using the templates from this site :

Yes, it was a little too hot to do this sort of thing, but I think that it was worth it and my friend was very happy to receive this gift 😉

My Handmade Christmas Cards/Η Χειροποίητες Χριστουγεννιάτικες Kάρτες Μου

Last year I made some homemade Christmas cards that I sent out to friends. I didn’t post them on my blog-I forgot. This year I decided to make some new ones. I didn’t think that I would be very inspired but it just goes to show that if you just begin something then inspiration will come.  Two of them have trees on them that were made from bubble wrap which I then painted over with acrylics. The third card is a card collage made from bits of paper from a magazine that I used to make Christmas stockings. For the fourth card I recycled a gold paper wrap from chocolate and I used it to make the border.  I didn’t notice this until I put the card on the computer, but the candy cane has two Greek letter ‘X’ and ‘Ω’ the combination of the two letters makes the word ‘Ho’ !  Something that Santa says (and only Santa should say) , so I thought that was a crazy coincidence! Hmmm maybe this is a sign that Santa will bring me gifts this year…

Conversation Heart Collage- #IHeart Art

Collage Heart B&W

Collage Hearts by Angela Zafiris

Today, I participated in an a webinar hosted by ‘’ . I learned how to make  a three-layered heart collage using cardboard paper, text, pen and pencil, gesso, ribbon a hole puncher and glue. I didn’t have the right fabric for the second layer so I used bits of red coloured paper. For the smallest heart you can write a love poem or quote. There are so many things that you can do. I was very inspired and will probably make more for friends and family.  It’s a nice little gift to give to someone you love. You can hang it anywhere you want.

So get crafty!