Emerald Sea/Σμαραγδένια Θάλασσα


“Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.”     -Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

«Κάθε φορά που στέκομαι μπροστά σε μια πανέμορφη παραλία, τα κύματα της φαίνεται να μου ψιθυρίζουν: Εάν επιλέγετε τα απλά πράγματα και βρεθείτε χαρά στα απλά θησαυρά της φύσης, η ζωή δεν χρειάζεται να είναι τόσο σκληρή».


Life SHOULD Be A Beach

Greek beach


Why oh why can’t life be like a relaxing and beautiful day at the beach?

Besides great climates and lovely beaches , California and Greece share a fondness for dysfunctional politics and feckless budgeting”. -James Suroweicki  (a back to reality quote)

Final Summer Sunset/Tο Tελευταίο Καλοκαιρινό Ηλιοβασίλεμα


Run to the sun.

Run to the sun.

The last photograph that I took in September of a sunset on a beach in Greece. Now, the rainy winters of Greece have set in. I just read that online today that meteorologist predict that this year will be Europe’s’ coldest and longest winter in the last ten years. So I guess I’ll be looking at these photographs with heavy nostalgia from December through March 😦

Voidokilia Beach/Η Παραλία Της Βοϊδοκοιλιάς

‘Voidokilia’ beach is a very famous beach in Greece and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Greece. It is located in Messinia, Peloponnese.   The  landscape is very unique  with its sand dunes and marshland, and the beach that has a circular Omega type shape.  It is a great place for bike riding too.  The day that I went was not great for swimming.  It has been a rainy summer so far in Greece.  I arrived in the evening as I was just quickly passing through with no intention for staying too long, but I when I got there I wanted to stay a while longer. So,  I will definitely re-visit this place when the weather is better in the near-future.

Beaches of Marathon

Empty Table at Beach

Many people will be sitting on these chairs this summer

Beach chairs on Beach

Empty beach chairs? Only if it’s off season.

Shores at Schinias beach

No swimmers in sight..way to early.

Rocks and Foam

Rocky Shore

These are a few photographs that I took at Schinias beach at Marathon just outside of Athens.  As Greece is surrounded by the ocean,  it only recently dawned on me that I hardly have any beach photos on my blog. This is scandalous.. I know.

First Day At The Beach/Πρώτη Μέρα Στην Παραλία

Children Standing on the Shore

A nice trip to the beach before the hot summer begins. It was α warm day, but not warm enough for people to want to go for a swim. There were a few who couldn’t wait any longer so they took a quik dip into the ocean.  I, on the other hand, was a lot more happier comfortable taking photographs of the beautiful vista.

Μια ωραία επίσκεψη στην παραλία πριν από το καυτό καλοκαίρι . Ήταν μια ζεστή μέρα, αλλά όχι αρκετά για να θέλει ο κοσμος να  πάει για μπάνιο. Αλλά μερικοί ήταν αρκετoi γενναίοι και εκαναν μια βουτιά. Απλώς δεν μπορούσαν να περιμένουν άλλο. Εγώ από την άλλη πλευρά, ημουν πολύ πιο άνετη τραβοντας φωτογραφίες από την όμορφη θέα.