Two Bees and a Red Rose


A bee patiently waits his turn to pollinate.

Μια μέλισσα περιμένει υπομονετικά τη σειρά του να γονιμοποιήσει.


Springtime Is Here!/Η άνοιξη είναι εδώ!

Blue flower

The Borage plant with its blue flowers


Rosemary tree


Cherry Blossoms


Lavender Plant

Red daises

Red daises

Before the rain fall of the previous weekend, I ventured into my garden to take some photographs. A garden like this is not a common sight in the concrete jungle that is Athens. That’s why I am very grateful for having one so that I can capture the beauty of nature with my lens as often as I like.

A Bee Problem!

Yesterday, I felt  brave, so I decided to finally get rid of these bees.

I thought of not harming them.  I first decided to get rid of them naturally. I had read that bees detest the smell of burning coffee beans, so I put some beans on a piece of  aluminum foil, then I lit a match and placed it in the coffee beans. One of the beans started to burn.  A lot of smoke came out, and I stood underneath the beehive and wafted the smoke toward the beehive. The bees did seem annoyed by the smell and they remained still.  But, suddenly,  it got very windy so I had to abandon this plan.  I was feeling restless. So, I just grabbed the mosquito spray. I made sure to wear light coloured clothing-dark colours annoy them. I hid in the corner and sprayed the hive just once.

After spraying the beehive with bug spray I ran inside. Within a few minutes all the bees had dropped dead. Except maybe two that had hidden behind the hive. These two bees were buzzing around looking for me. The two bees went to the other corner and they were going to build another hive again-they really are relentless and hard-working. I got someone else to spray them head on.

With a painter’s spatula, I scraped the hive off of the wall. It was very easy and the hive was as light as a paper. I then burnt the beehive to prevent the bees from coming back to it.

I washed the wall with some soap and water and cleaned out any remaining pieces of the beehive.

Mission Accomplished!!