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Pandora Close Your Box!


‘Pandora Close Your Box’ handmade word collage by Angela Zafiris


‘Pandora Close Your Box’ digital collage by Angela Zafiris

In the creation myths, Zeus was so enraged with Prometheus for stealing fire, that he plotted his revenge against him. He ordered Hephaestus to create a beautiful woman with clay and water.  The goddess Athena gave his creation charm and grace and Hermes gave her cleverness and the art of lying (!) She was given the name ‘Pandora’ meaning all-giving. Hephaestus gave her to the Titan Epimetheus who ignored his brothers’ advice to not to accept any gifts from Zeus, but he ignored his brother and married Pandora. Pandora brought with her a box that the gods told her to never open. Pandoras’ curiostiy got the best of her and she opend it and in doing so released all of the troubles into the world. Only hope remained in the box which whispered big dreams and false hopes into peoples weary ears and thus keeping them alive.

Similarly to the Eves’ biting of the forbidden fruit as the reason for the ills of the world so to is Pandora to blame, a woman! But, if we look closer it’s not a woman who is the source of all that has plague humans since antiquity.  If Zeus had not sought revenge against Prometheus, and if he had not created that darn box than all calamities would have been avoided. But, of course the female has to be the scape goat. In the famous story of the Trojan war, Helen and her irresistible beauty, was said to be the reason for the war, but these two enemies (Achaean Greeks and the Trojan Anatolians) only found a beautiful excuse to go to war.  The blame was put on a womans’ beauty and not on the war mongering nature of most men. Men abuse nature, men abuse animals, men abuse children and men abuse women and each other. Yet it’s the ‘cunning, lying, curious, manipulative, and idle woman who is said to have started it all.

Nonetheless, the story is inspiring and the references to Pandora can be spotting everywhere from pop culutre to the media. With all the catastrophes that seem to be multiplying like a hydra recently, we all know who is to be blamed..a woman! A very ancient woman and her box!




Collage on paper by Angela Zafiris

Unseen forces

and foes alike

tried to cut you down

dark feathers in the wind

you fought

in this world of

negative faces

and negative places

they say you have to fight

your battles alone

but they were wrong

we are not alone

an invisible hand

like a lightening bolt

reaches for you through the clouds

you were chosen

Most virtuous

and noble of all

worthy of redemption.

Collage Mosaics/Κολάζ Ψηφιδωτά


Some tiny works of art made from torn papers from magazines. The collage mosaic on the left depicts a beach scene and the mosaic on the right an olive branch.

Μερικά μικρά έργα τέχνης κατασκευασμένα από σκισμένα χαρτιά από περιοδικά. Το ψηφιδωτό κολάζ στα αριστερά απεικονίζει μια σκηνή παραλία και το ψηφιδωτό στα δεξιά ένα κλαδί ελιάς.



‘Desensitezed/Aπευαισθητοποιημενα’ digital collage

Doomsdaytext‘Pass the sunscreen!’.

‘Hey! That dinosaur is blocking my sun!’

Well, it was supposed to be a fun day at the beach, and unfortunately a few catastrophic events happened. Everyone remained unfazed. Stay cool and calm people..

Woman On Top!/Η Γυναικα Στην Κορυφη!

'Woman On Top' collage on canvas by Angela Zafiris

‘Woman On Top’ collage on canvas by Angela Zafiris

This is my humorous feminist collage that I know men (and some non-feminist women) will love so much 😉

Feminism is a subject that has been discussed a lot recently and it has unfortunately become controversial and even taboo for some people. I have heard so many varying definitions of feminism by feminists and anti-feminists and the majority of the definitions are really off and I find that they are made by very ignorant people like celebrities. My definition of feminism is that women shouldn’t be mistreated and discriminated against due to their gender. Throughout human history women have been treated appallingly, they were raped, tortured and suffered verbal and physical abuse at home.  Women had no choice for their future, and no voice. This is why very few women made their mark in history. Today women are still suffering all over the world. It seems that only a little progress has been made.

Yesterday, I was looking at my bookshelf and I noticed that I had a book called, ‘Feminism For Beginners’ from my University years. I decided to read it again with different, older and wiser eyes. The definition of feminism (according to the authors of the book), for anyone who is confused about what it means is: “Women demanding their full rights as human beings.” Also, ‘feminism is about challenging the division of labour in the world that puts men in charge of the public sphere-work, sports, wars, government-while women slave away unpaid in the home, carrying the whole burden of family life”.

I believe that everyone should want equality of the genders, and I would hope that one day people will finally love and respect each and that feminism will not be controversial as it is today.

*If my collage was a little too ‘white’ for some people that is because I only have European magazines to work with.

Between Two Evils/Αναμεσα σε δυο δεινα


‘Scylla and Charybdis’ Collage art on canvas by Angela Zafiris

I decided to republish my collage as I feel that it reminds me of the difficult situation in Greece right now. I feel that we had to choose between Scylla and Charybdis in the referendum , two terrible things.  Scylla and Charybdis were the names of the sea monsters in greek mythology, They sank ships and drowned sailors travelling through the narrow strait. These ships had to choose, when travelling through the strait, whether to get sucked into a whirl pool or get hit by a rock. There would be fatalities either way. The idioms ‘a rock and a hard place’,  ‘the devil and the deep blue sea’ and ‘between two evils’ all stem form this myth. This is what I feel about the vote whether it is a ‘yes’ Nai or a ‘no’ Oxi,  it will still be a very difficult road ahead for us…

Αποφάσισα να ξανά δημοσιεύσω το κολάζ μου. καθώς νιώθω ότι μου θυμίζει τη δύσκολη κατάσταση στην Ελλάδα αυτή τη στιγμή. Πιστεύω ότι είχαμε να επιλέξουμε μεταξύ Σκύλλας και Χάρυβδης στο δημοψήφισμα, δύο φοβερά πράγματα. Σκύλλα και η Χάρυβδη ήταν τα ονόματα που ειχαν τα θαλάσσια τέρατα στην ελληνική μυθολογία. Βυθίστηκαν πλοία και πνίγηκαν ναυτικούς που ταξιδεύαν μέσα από το στενό πορθμό. Αυτά τα πλοία έπρεπε να επιλέξουν, όταν ταξιδεύουν μέσω αυτού του πορθμό, αν θα παρασύρονται σε μια ρουφήχτρα ή να πληγούν από ένα βράχο. Θα υπάρχει θάνατοι είτε έτσι είτε αλλιώς. Ta ιδιώματα, ‘ο διάβολος και η καταγάλανη θάλασσα’ και ‘ανάμεσα σε δύο κακά’ όλα  προέρχονται από αυτός ο μύθος. Αυτό είναι αυτό που αισθάνομαι για την ψηφοφορία αν πρόκειται για ένα «ναι» ή ένα «όχι», θα συνεχίσoυμε να εχουμε ένα πολύ δύσκολο δρόμο μπροστά μας ..