Happy Easter!Καλο Πασχα!


happy easter2

I love making decorations for every holiday and for this Easter I got crafty and made these teeny tiny Easter Baskets. The only things I needed were egg cartons, twine, wire straws and a ton of glue. So much fun! Try it.


Follow Your Dreams/Ακολουθησε Τα Ονειρα Σας


Mixed-media assemblage By Angela Zafiris

Oh the Signs!   They are everywhere if we only just stop to read them and follow them.  Sometimes we are given signs through a song on the radio, a vivid dream, the television or something that someone says to you.  We are always given messages that guide us to where we should be heading.

I decided to make an inspirational collage-painting to remind me everyday who I really am. Nobody knows you better than yourself but sometimes we get lost and we lose ourselves and we don’t know who we are anymore. But, the signs and our intuition gives us hints to what we can be if only we just believe. 🙂