Miracle Melon/Θαύμα με το Καρπούζι


During the hot summer months in Athens my mother liked to sit on the balcony in the afternoon and eat pieces of watermelon.  This would be her last summer of doing just that. She had this bad habit of spitting out the seeds. Many of them would stick to the marble floor. But, there were some seeds that landed in the pot in front of her. A pot that I had planted a yucca in.  By some strange miracle the seed germinated just a few weeks ago and a  watermelon vine started growing. And now there is a cute little watermelon growing from the vine!  I have tried countless times to plant seeds in these pots and most of the time they have not germinated. It’s a hit or miss with seeds, that’s why the more seeds planted the better chance of success. So my family and I were shocked that this seed actually germinated. It was such a funny, yet comforting thing to have happen close to a year after her passing. Perhaps it’s a message that life continues and to flourish and to grow and not to give up even in difficult circumstances.

Pomegranate Harvest/Συγκομιδή του Ροδιού


It’s October which means it’s time for some pomegranate picking. This delicious fruit originated in Iran and Northern India and has been cultivated in Greece since ancient times. It is a fruit that is very significant in Greek culture and mythology. In ancient Greece the fruit was called  the ‘fruit of the dead’. It is the fruit of Persephone, who was trapped in the underworld was only allowed to eat Pomegranate seeds.  Interesting enough the pomegranate is still associated with the dead. In Greece today the seeds are  included in a dish called ‘Kolliva’. This dish is served on the day of the memorials of the deceased or on religious events like ‘Soul Saturday.’ It contains ingredients such as wheat, flour, sugar, raisins, walnuts etc.

The pomegranate fruit is also symbolic of abundance, fertility and good luck. It is categorized as a berry and it has anti-inflammatory effects, it can lower blood pressure and many other ailments. You can drink it as a juice or just eat the seeds.

Fruits of Labour




My country may not have a booming economy now, but at least we have an abundance of fruit!  Look at those huge pumpkins! The watermelons! Delicious! haha. They’re affordable and so fresh. We don’t have GMOS in Greece and we don’t have a company like Monsanto sticking their noses here.

Η χώρα μου μπορεί να μην ειναι στην αναπτυξη τωρα, αλλά τουλάχιστον έχει αφθονία φρούτων! Κοιτάξτε αυτές τις τεράστιες κολοκύθες! Τα καρπούζια! Τι Νόστιμια χαχα! Είναι πολυ προσιτες οι τιμες και τα φρουτα ειναι  φρέσκα. Δεν έχουμε GMOs στην Ελλάδα και δεν έχουμε μια εταιρεία όπως τη Monsato να χωνετεαι την μύτη της εδώ.