Monemvasia Part2/Μονεμβασια Μέρος 2/

The view from the top of the fortress.

An Orthodox chruch at the top of the fortress

The beach on the mainland

The medieval town of Monemvasia is seeped in history. It is one of the oldest continually-inhabited fortified towns in Europe. The town has been inhabited since antiquity and was a Minoan trading post.

Monemvasia was founded in the 6th century, from the relocation of the inhabitants of Ancient Sparta, which was then known as Lacedaemon.

There are many byzantine churches in the town. And many ruins of older settlements.

The climb to the top of the fortress offers spectacular views of the town. Good foot wear, patience and stamina is needed!

Η μεσαιωνική πόλη της Μονεμβασιάς έχει τεράστια ιστορία. Eίναι μια από τις παλαιότερες συνεχώς κατοικημένες οχυρωμένες πόλεις της Ευρώπης. Κατοικείται από την αρχαιότητα και ήταν μινωικός εμπορικός σταθμός. Η Μονεμβασιά ιδρύθηκε τον 6ο αιώνα, από τη μετεγκατάσταση των κατοίκων της Αρχαίας Σπάρτης, που τότε ήταν γνωστή ως Λακεδαίμονος. Υπάρχουν πολλές βυζαντινές εκκλησίες στην πόλη. Και πολλά ερείπια παλαιότερων οικισμών. Η ανάβαση στην κορυφή του φρουρίου προσφέρει εκπληκτική θέα στην πόλη. Χρειάζεσαι καλά παπούτσια, υπομονή και αντοχή!

Hydra Island Pt2

No one can jinx these stairs.

The second batch of photographs of the magical island of Hydra featuring the beaches and shops.

Hydra may not have the best beaches like Skiathos and other places in Greece, but the one that I photographed was very beautiful and even though it was full of rocks I enjoyed my swim there.

The shops are very nice, but they are pricey. As it is a cosmopolitan island the food and merchandise can be more expensive than other places in Greece.

Hydra Island Pt1

The port at Metochi in the Peloponnese
All aboard!!
We’re coming!
Porobably the most beautiful port I have ever seen!

Hydra island is a majestic island on of the saronic islands in the Aegean sea. The island got it’s name from the natural springs on the islands as ‘hydra’ in Greek is another word for water.

It is considered a cosmopolitan island, and as soon as our ship came close to the harbour, I could see why. It is a very aristocratic looking island due to the classic architecutal style of the homes on the island.

There were many things to see and do and very little time as it was only a day trip. My camera was very happy though as you can see I had to divide the post in 3 parts.

Hidden Beaches/Κρυφές παραλίες

We’re off to find some hidden beaches!
What an incredible place to live!
We cruised by Evia. The northern region of the island was devastated by fires last August.
Our ocean voyage ends. For now…

On the Skiathos boat cruise we saw many hidden gems. Hidden beach coves that are only accessible by boat as well as caves, and some beautiful homes on top of cliffs.

Στην κρουαζιέρα στη Σκιάθο είδαμε πολλά κρυμμένα πετράδια. Κρυμμένους παραλιακούς κολπίσκους που είναι προσβάσιμοι μόνο με βάρκα, καθώς και σπηλιές, και μερικά όμορφα σπίτια στην κορυφή των βράχων.

A Piglet’s Day at the Beach


“Well of course I’m swimming. The beach isn’t only for humans!”


“There must be food in the sand. Humans are pigs!”


“Ahhh so relaxing!”


“Us birds need to relax too”.


At the beach you will see various animals from dogs to horses, pigeons to pelicans or swans etc. But, what about a pig?

The little girl in the photograph is the owner of this cute little pig named ‘Aris’. She that said she acquired him for 50 bucks from the U.S and that he doesn’t grow very big, so he makes for a perfect house pet. 🙂


Endless Blue/Απεραντο Γαλαζιο






Some photographs of the beautiful and relaxing seascape off of Cape Sounio  or the ‘Athenian Riviera’.  I wish I had this view all the time, well maybe not on stormy days 😉

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” Mahatma Gandhi

Μερικές φωτογραφίες από το όμορφο και χαλαρωτικό θαλασσινό τοπίο από το ακρωτήρι του Σούνιου ή την ‘Αθηναϊκή Ριβιέρα’. Μακάρι να είχα αυτή την θέα κάθε μέρα , ίσως όχι στις θυελλώδεις ημέρες 😉

“Δεν πρέπει να χάσετε την πίστη στην ανθρωπότητα. Η ανθρωπότητα είναι ένας ωκεανός. αν μερικές σταγόνες του ωκεανού είναι βρώμικες, ο ωκεανός δεν γίνεται βρώμικος.” Μαχάτμα Γκάντι