marble statues

Gods and Mortals/Θεοί και Θνητοί

One of my favourite things to take pictures of are statues. Both Gods and mortals have been the subjects of the talented ancient sculptors.  These artisans with their skilled and caring hands have captured the beauty of the Gods and Goddesses and the burdens of the mortals.  Skilled hands that have carved such realistic eyes that seem as though they are looking right at you.  Skilled hands that have carved such realistic mouths that seem like they could speak to you. During their two thousand-year existence these statues have seen it all.  If only those statues could speak. If they could what would they say?

Helios In The Shade


The Mortal Womans’ Gaze



Ancient Agora/Aρχαία Αγορά

Ancient Agora

The Entrance Lined With Statues

Two Young Boys

Facing The Sun

Close-up of Young Boy

Nemesis. Doesn’t look like a Nemesis to me!

Probably a philosopher. He has that look in his eye ‘I am wiser than you!’

Ancient Rock Star? No, it’s Alexander the Great. Same thing.