Little Paris/To Μικρό Παρίσι


A nighttime shot of the Eifel tower at Filiatra.


The small town of Filiatra is located in the prefecture of Messinia in the Peloponesse. It is called ‘little Paris’ by the locals and you can see why since the towns’ landmark is a replica of the Eifel tower which is located at the entrance of the town. This area exports grapes to many countries in Europe and the French are the biggest consumers. I heard that the Eifel tower was built in the last century to honour the French who praised the quality of the grapes from Filiatra.

There are many other replicas of the Eiffel tower all over the world from Las Vegas to China. I had no idea there were that many!

For more images of replicas:

Voidokilia Beach/Η Παραλία Της Βοϊδοκοιλιάς

‘Voidokilia’ beach is a very famous beach in Greece and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Greece. It is located in Messinia, Peloponnese.   The  landscape is very unique  with its sand dunes and marshland, and the beach that has a circular Omega type shape.  It is a great place for bike riding too.  The day that I went was not great for swimming.  It has been a rainy summer so far in Greece.  I arrived in the evening as I was just quickly passing through with no intention for staying too long, but I when I got there I wanted to stay a while longer. So,  I will definitely re-visit this place when the weather is better in the near-future.