Mixed media

Mobile Homebody


Mixed-media painting on canvas by Angela Zafiris

You want to travel, but the world seems so dangerous. Maybe you should just stay home 🙂

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”. Albert Einstein

The Wheels Are Turning/Oι Τροχοί Περιστρέφονται

‘The Wheels Are Turning’ Mixed-media collage by Angela Zafiris


‘Her Wheel Is Turning’ By Angela Zafiris













“I’m never satisfied, man. I’m Virgo. We overanalyze and we’re never satisfied. So I’m gonna keep going ’til the wheels fall off.- Wale (Musician)       

 “Ποτέ δεν είμαι ικανοποιημένος. Το ζώδιο μου είναι Παρθένος.  Aναλύουμε πάρα πολύ και ποτέ δεν είμαστε  ικανοποιημένοι.  Οπότε θα συνεχίσω μέχρι να πέσουν οι τροχοί.” -Wale  (Μουσικός)   







Mixed-media collage on 24 x 32 cm canvas panel by Angela Zafiris

Women have always worn many ‘hats’.  There are so many roles that women have had  to play for thousands of years. It is no wonder that women are known to be better ‘multi-taskers’ than men. Not all women want the same things in life. Not all women want careers and not all women want to be wives and/or mothers. Fortunately, women have more choices than they have ever had, but this of course varies from country to country and from family to family. But,  I know, for example, that in Greece women are not forced into marriage like they were so long ago. And they have a greater voice than they ever did.  Lets not forgot that in Ancient Greece women were not allowed to leave the house alone or have any say about politics and other matters.  I feel that many women today forget the struggles that women in the past had to endure and still do around the world.  It’s important to study the past and to think about how some things have changed and improved and how somethings have not. There are women who are overwhelmed by the choices we have today and who yearn for the time when we had none. I would suggest that those women educate themselves a little more and look back at the conditions that women were living in that prompted them to rise up and to demand equality and respect.

My Movie Mind/Το Κινηματογραφικο Μου Μυαλο

Mixed-media collage painting
By Angela Zafiris

My mind is a movie mind and aside from making art and taking photographs I also like to write screenplays .  This side of my creativity is what inspired me to make this collage. I am a very visual person I can see things in my mind that I have never seen before. I see the people, and the places in my mind. I hear the dialogue between the characters; which at times is  funny and other times is sad.  I don’t need the television or a movie theatre to entertain me. It’s all in my mind 🙂

The background is composed of torn images from magazines. I painted the background with orange and blue acrylics. I then added pieces of paper from magazines added a layer of Gesso. After it dried I  painted over the papers with turquoise  acrylic paint and set it to dry. I made an outline of a human profile and I painted it yellow. Then I made a movie projector and painted it yellow as well.

Egocentric/Ο Εγωκεντρικός

Collage on paper by Angela Zafiris

I was inspired to make this collage after thinking about the ego. The ‘ego’, from the Greek word ‘Εγω’ ‘I,’ can propel us to do great things in our lives. We can reach great heights, higher stations in life. But, too much egotism, and an overuse of the word ‘I’ can bring about a great downfall. There should be a balance and we must think of the group. We have always been part of a group. We are tribal people and forever will be, even though many modern people have taken solitary paths.  I believe that we are at our most happiest when what we do benefits the group, because that’s what we have always been doing on this earth. Every one of our actions was for the benefit of the group.

 “The problem is that we have allowed our egos, the part of us which believes that we are separate from God and separate from each other, to dominate our lives.”

~ Wayne Dyer

Fall Goddess/Φθινοπωρινή Θεά

Fall Goddess

Mixed-media painting on canvas 45 X 35 cm
By: Angela Zafiris

My first painting of the new year is a mixed-media painting. I don’t usually paint faces. I do make sketches and I will be painting more faces in the near future.  I mostly enjoy ripping paper to make collages, but I thought I’d take more risks and stretch myself more.  For the painting I used leaves from my garden to use as stamps for the background. The climate in Athens is different from Western Europe and Northern Greece which is why I was able to gather leaves in the winter.  I painted some of the leaves gold and glued them on the canvas.  The gold leaves became a headdress and it shines beautifully in the light which I am glad the photograph captured.

Fear of Commitment/O Φόβος Της Δέσμευσης

Collage painting on watercolour paper 12 x 9 in.
By Angela Zafiris

For my collage painting  I used pieces of text from a Greek book, acrylics, and pastels. I used  a vintage photograph of a woman from a 1920’s pulp fiction magazine called ‘Argosy’. I photocopied the photo and I painted the photo with acrylics. The wedding cake was made with white scrap pieces of paper.


Timeless Beauty/ Διαχρονική Oμορφιά

Mixed-media on canvas 30 x 24 cm By Angela Zafiris

My recent painting happened by accident. I think that the best things happen by accident. I usually plan a painting. I make a sketch first and I try to picture how it would like when it’s done. This time I just let myself be more free and just let myself take a few risks. I applied layers of paint with colours ranging from yellow to blue over the photos from magazines, then I decided to make a mini collage for the center with the background posing as a thick frame.  Then I applied a bit of gesso  to give it a more foggy, haunting feel. The scan made the painting more vibrant than it actually is.

Climbing Life

By Angela Zafiris

I decided to get a little crafty with my latest collage mixed-media painting on canvas. I used an old photo copy of an old movie star that I found in  a folder. I cut out some words that I had typed on the computer. I used acrylics and pastels and I transferred some words and designs on to the canvas with a gel matte medium.  There are negative words on the bottom of the mountain because the bottom is our lower consciousness. In life, we have to rise above or climb over these feelings to get to a higher state of consciousness.  The higher state is love, peace and clarity.

The cloud above her head has the following quote:

“To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.” -Ralph W Sockman