Fruits of Labour




My country may not have a booming economy now, but at least we have an abundance of fruit!  Look at those huge pumpkins! The watermelons! Delicious! haha. They’re affordable and so fresh. We don’t have GMOS in Greece and we don’t have a company like Monsanto sticking their noses here.

Η χώρα μου μπορεί να μην ειναι στην αναπτυξη τωρα, αλλά τουλάχιστον έχει αφθονία φρούτων! Κοιτάξτε αυτές τις τεράστιες κολοκύθες! Τα καρπούζια! Τι Νόστιμια χαχα! Είναι πολυ προσιτες οι τιμες και τα φρουτα ειναι  φρέσκα. Δεν έχουμε GMOs στην Ελλάδα και δεν έχουμε μια εταιρεία όπως τη Monsato να χωνετεαι την μύτη της εδώ.

I’ll Melt With You (Bleeding In Love)/Θα Λιώνουμε μαζί


With all this talk of money and politics I found this photograph so refreshing. These are certainly not romantic times.

‘One should always be in love. This is the reason one should never marry.’ ~ Oscar Wilde

‘Love people and use things

Don’t love things and use people’-unknown

Two Black Hearts/Δυο Μαυρες Καρδιες


Two frozen black hearts melt in the sun light. They can’t hide in the shadow forever..

Two black hearts
Αn anger that won’t subside
Cold and dark
As a winters’ night
They fight
The light together
From blue to black
And black to blue

Μay a black heart never trouble you!

‘Better a red face than a black heart’. Portuguese proverb



Haha! My cat ‘Angelo’ made a surprise appearance at the antiques shop!


I like how the this beautiful painting clashes with the graffiti in the background.


Some nice Oriental artwork.


That’s a lot of stuff in one picture!!


This old record player must have been in my house in the ’70’s!

Some more photographs of the antique street in Athens with a splash of colour this time.

Ancient Busts/Αρχαίοι Προτομές


Digital collage photograph

The original version of the above photograph didn’t appeal to me very much.   I took the photograph at a souvenir shop in Athens.  The colours were off due to the lighting from the store and the street. But, instead of deleting it I decided to make into a digital collage photograph. I made the handmade collage background, and then layered the photograph over it.

The result I think was much better 🙂

Art-Athina 2014




artshow2.jpgA slide show of some of the most intriguing and inspiring art works. My apologies for not jotting down the names of the artists.

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From the 15th-18th of May Athens hosted the annual ‘Art- Athina’.  Art-Athina is a contemporary art exhibition featuring Greek  and international artists.  It was a large exhibition that was held at a stadium (TaeKwonDo).  It was  interesting  seeing how Greek artists were expressing their opinions about the economic crisis in Greece through art. I left feeling very inspired and glad that there are so many people who are passionate about art in this monetary world.


While at Technopolis at Gazi in Athens I decided to check out the  modern art exhibit inside one of the buildings.  The subject of the exhibit was ‘Anti-design’. Designers were asked to re-imagine and re- create household items i.e. lamps by using recycled material, and thus making the items more affordable for people in these harsh economic times.

Ενώ  ήμουν στην Τεχνόπολη στο Γκάζι , αποφάσισα να ριξω μια  ματιά σε μια συχρονη έκθεση τέχνης. . Το θέμα της έκθεσης ήταν «αντιdesign». Οι σχεδιαστές κλήθηκαν να δημιουργήσουν είδη οικιακής χρήσης, δηλαδή λαμπτήρες, με τη χρήση ανακυκλωμένων υλικών, ετσι ωστε να ειναι η τιμη των αντικειμενων αυτων πιο προσιτη για τους περρισοτερους ανθρώπους σε αυτές τις δύσκολες οικονομικές περιόδους.

Happy (Bile- less) New Year!/Ευτυχισμένο (με λιγότερη χολή) το Νέο Έτος!

Ι love this quote. I appreciate truthfullness!
“Happiness is too many things these days for anyone to wish it on anyone lightly. So let’s just wish each other a bile-less New Year and leave it at that.” Judith Crist

«Η ευτυχία είναι πάρα πολλά πράγματα αυτές τις μέρες για οποιονδήποτε να το ευχόμαστε σε κανέναν ελαφρά. Οπότε αςευχόμαστε o ένας τον αλλον μια νέα χρονιά με λιγότερη χολή και να το αφήσουμε έτσι”. Judith Crist

A Wish By The Sea/Μια Ευχή Kοντά Στη θάλασσα

Digital Collage by Angela Zafiris

This is one of the first digital collages that I have posted on my blog.  I love the transparent effect that you can make that is difficult and messy when attempting it on a regular collage.  I used collage background that I made a while ago.  I made the background with gesso, acrylic paints, stencils and text. I then scanned the collage and did some layering on my photograph of a beach in Greece.  The end result is a photograph that is much more appealing to the eye.

Street Angels/Αγγελοι Στο Δρομο

My Guardian Angel-Ο Φυλακας Αγγελος Μου

My Second Guardian Angel- Ο Δευτερος Φυλακας Αγγελος Μου

Twisted Street Tree-Στριμμενο Δεντρο Του Δρομου By: Angela Zafiris

These were some of my Athens street photos. I want to take more this week, but, according to the weatherman, the weather will not be in my favour this week… 😦