Stavors Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

At the Skate Rink

Ice skating has been growing in popularity these past few years in Greece. When I first came to Greece many years ago from Canada, outdoor ice rinks were no where to be found. Just looking at an ice rink brings me back to my childhood in Canada. It’s very surreal to see scenes like this in a hot country like Greece. But, it’s nice to see kids here having this experience.

Christmas Meets Culture (Day time)

My first batch of of photographs of the ‘Stavros Niarchos Culture Center’ (SNFCC). I took a lot of photographs in the day time and then a few more after the sunset. It was the day after Christmas and it was crowded with people. Parents with their kids enjoying their activities in the park. Some live music and the dancing fountains. It is a good place to get some exercise as the property is huge. When you are there you want to explore the whole place, so good thing I had my walking shoes on 😉

Happy New Year!

“A good half of the art of living is resilience.” – Alain de Botton

A Cultural View/Μια πολιτιστική άποψη


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Mr. Varoufakis





The impressive Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center just recently opened its doors to visitors. The cultural center is located in Kalithea, Athens and, from certain vantage points, offers stunning views of Athens, one can see the Port of Faliro and the Acropolis. For months, before its completion, seeing the cranes in the sky brought a refreshing air of optimism to the economic stricken Greece. The center has a huge  library, a pond for sailing, yoga lessons, cinema room, as well as activities for children.