Torn Paper Collages

Release Your Fears

'Release Your Fears' torn paper collage 24 x 34 cm

‘Release Your Fears’ torn paper collage 24 x 34 cm

Απελευθερώστε τους φόβους σας!!


‘Release Your Fears’ collage 24 x 34 cm on cardboard paper



Mixed-media collage on 24 x 32 cm canvas panel by Angela Zafiris

Women have always worn many ‘hats’.  There are so many roles that women have had  to play for thousands of years. It is no wonder that women are known to be better ‘multi-taskers’ than men. Not all women want the same things in life. Not all women want careers and not all women want to be wives and/or mothers. Fortunately, women have more choices than they have ever had, but this of course varies from country to country and from family to family. But,  I know, for example, that in Greece women are not forced into marriage like they were so long ago. And they have a greater voice than they ever did.  Lets not forgot that in Ancient Greece women were not allowed to leave the house alone or have any say about politics and other matters.  I feel that many women today forget the struggles that women in the past had to endure and still do around the world.  It’s important to study the past and to think about how some things have changed and improved and how somethings have not. There are women who are overwhelmed by the choices we have today and who yearn for the time when we had none. I would suggest that those women educate themselves a little more and look back at the conditions that women were living in that prompted them to rise up and to demand equality and respect.

Breaking Free/Ελευθερια

Torn Paper collage by Angela Zafiris

For a very long time I would see, in my mind,  a woman being released from her isolation.  I saw her walls breaking down. She walked alone with the wind behind her pushing her toward the blue sky. The sun is coming out of the clouds and is ready to greet her. She doesn’t know what fate has in store for her but has an undying hope. Green symbolizes hope this is why she wears a green dress instead of black which symbolizes mourning.  This woman mourns no more…

In this collage I used bits of torn blue paper from magazines for the sky. Torn bits of brown paper for the bricks and green for the females’ dress. The papers were glued on 34 x22 cm cardboard paper.

Don’t Follow The Status Quo/Μην Ακουλουθειτε Το Καθεστώς

Don't follow..

Collage by Angela Zafiris

My latest collage painting is glued on a 40×30 cm canvas.  I made the background using  pieces of text from a Greek book (not an interesting one) .  The coloured pieces that I used to make the faces are from various magazines. I wanted the larger words, the phrase, to blend into the background better, so I transferred the text using gel medium.

“One day everything will be well, that is our hope. Everything’s fine today, that is our illusion”. –Voltaire