Urban Athens

Music of the Streets



What’s a city without a little music? The notes drown out the cacophony of urban life.




Haha! My cat ‘Angelo’ made a surprise appearance at the antiques shop!


I like how the this beautiful painting clashes with the graffiti in the background.


Some nice Oriental artwork.


That’s a lot of stuff in one picture!!


This old record player must have been in my house in the ’70’s!

Some more photographs of the antique street in Athens with a splash of colour this time.

Dilapidated Homes/Ερειπωμένα Σπίτια

Abandoned home and ancient ruins below

No use in saving this one! Some scaffolding on a dilapidated home

Renovations on another home

Yo! Graffiti on shutters

Beautiful classical balcony

These are a few photographs that I took on a long walk toward the area of Thiseio in downtown Athens, Greece.  Athens is a great city for those who love ‘urbex photography‘ as the city has tons of abandoned buildings. Some are in the process of being renovated and others homes have occupants,  but they are very old and are not in the greatest condition.

The Industrial Gas Museum/Βιομηχανικό Μουσείο Φωταερίου

In an earlier post, I wrote about the area of Technopolis which is located in the area of Gazi in Athens.  Technopolis is the site of the industrial gas works buildings that help to light up the city of Athens in the late 19th Century. I’ve added a few black and white photographs that I took from inside of the buildings that are now museums and are open to the public with an entry fee of a Euro.

Gas Temperature

Reflection of a Wheel

The Ovens Through The Tunnel

A Tunnel at The Museum

An Open Window

Old Coal Ovens

19th Century Gas Ovens

Top Level of Gas Museum

Outdoor Gas Pipes