Woman On Top!/Η Γυναικα Στην Κορυφη!

'Woman On Top' collage on canvas by Angela Zafiris

‘Woman On Top’ collage on canvas by Angela Zafiris

This is my humorous feminist collage that I know men (and some non-feminist women) will love so much 😉

Feminism is a subject that has been discussed a lot recently and it has unfortunately become controversial and even taboo for some people. I have heard so many varying definitions of feminism by feminists and anti-feminists and the majority of the definitions are really off and I find that they are made by very ignorant people like celebrities. My definition of feminism is that women shouldn’t be mistreated and discriminated against due to their gender. Throughout human history women have been treated appallingly, they were raped, tortured and suffered verbal and physical abuse at home.  Women had no choice for their future, and no voice. This is why very few women made their mark in history. Today women are still suffering all over the world. It seems that only a little progress has been made.

Yesterday, I was looking at my bookshelf and I noticed that I had a book called, ‘Feminism For Beginners’ from my University years. I decided to read it again with different, older and wiser eyes. The definition of feminism (according to the authors of the book), for anyone who is confused about what it means is: “Women demanding their full rights as human beings.” Also, ‘feminism is about challenging the division of labour in the world that puts men in charge of the public sphere-work, sports, wars, government-while women slave away unpaid in the home, carrying the whole burden of family life”.

I believe that everyone should want equality of the genders, and I would hope that one day people will finally love and respect each and that feminism will not be controversial as it is today.

*If my collage was a little too ‘white’ for some people that is because I only have European magazines to work with.


The Modern Woman/Η Συνχρονη Γυναικα

Collage on canvas by Angela Zafiris

Collage on canvas by Angela Zafiris

High heels
Red lips
She’s careful to never slip
Chin up in the air when she walks
The confidence in her talk
Her ‘multi-tasking’ ability
She’s mastered the code between women
Closeness to the creation
Her love of pretty things
Long hair shining in the sun
Her obsession with beauty
Critical of her body
A career,  marriage and children
All happen so effortlessly
Her pride
Her ego
Are as strong as any mans’.

The modern woman, so much is expected from her. To be everything and to do everything.  She is not simple, she’s very complicated.. I can go on and on about her. The discussion is never-ending.

FYI-The words in Greek are ‘Woman or child?’, ‘Goddess within’ and ‘fearless’.

Bewildered/H Σαστισμένη

“The Bewildered Woman’ mixed-media painting by Angela Zafiris

Just another mixed-media painting of a woman that I completed last week. I don’t know who she is, but I love her eyes. For the background  I used magazines texts and images and I painted over them with yellow and red acrylics. I added some dabs of gesso as well for texture.

Her Gaze/Το Βλέμμα Της

Mixed-media painting on canvas by Angela Zafiris

I don’t usually paint portraits it takes a special kind of courage, but I found it in me and here it is.  I had fun with this one and I am surprised at how satisfied I am with it.  The problem is I am too picky and I notice every little thing that I think is a mistake, but this time I don’t care . Besides no human face is perfect so why should the portrait be perfect?

Great Expectations/Mεγάλες Προσδοκίες

Collage on paper 24 x 32cm  by Angela Zafiris

“By all means, marry.  If you get a good wife you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.” SOCRATES

“Παντρεψου. Αμα παρεις μια καλη γυναικα τοτε θα γινεις ευτυχησμενος. Αμα παντρευτεις μια κακη γυναικα, τοτε θα γινεις φιλοσοφος”- ΣΟΚΡΑΤΗΣ



Mixed-media collage on 24 x 32 cm canvas panel by Angela Zafiris

Women have always worn many ‘hats’.  There are so many roles that women have had  to play for thousands of years. It is no wonder that women are known to be better ‘multi-taskers’ than men. Not all women want the same things in life. Not all women want careers and not all women want to be wives and/or mothers. Fortunately, women have more choices than they have ever had, but this of course varies from country to country and from family to family. But,  I know, for example, that in Greece women are not forced into marriage like they were so long ago. And they have a greater voice than they ever did.  Lets not forgot that in Ancient Greece women were not allowed to leave the house alone or have any say about politics and other matters.  I feel that many women today forget the struggles that women in the past had to endure and still do around the world.  It’s important to study the past and to think about how some things have changed and improved and how somethings have not. There are women who are overwhelmed by the choices we have today and who yearn for the time when we had none. I would suggest that those women educate themselves a little more and look back at the conditions that women were living in that prompted them to rise up and to demand equality and respect.

Timeless Beauty/ Διαχρονική Oμορφιά

Mixed-media on canvas 30 x 24 cm By Angela Zafiris

My recent painting happened by accident. I think that the best things happen by accident. I usually plan a painting. I make a sketch first and I try to picture how it would like when it’s done. This time I just let myself be more free and just let myself take a few risks. I applied layers of paint with colours ranging from yellow to blue over the photos from magazines, then I decided to make a mini collage for the center with the background posing as a thick frame.  Then I applied a bit of gesso  to give it a more foggy, haunting feel. The scan made the painting more vibrant than it actually is.

Free Woman

By Angela Zafiris
Collage on paper 24 x32 cm

Happy New Year! Today is the Chinese new year and I believe-like the Chinese that the New Year starts at the end of  January and not at the beginning. This gives me more time to work on my resolutions for this year ;)))

The idea for my new collage titled ‘Free Woman’ came to me last week. It’s my first completed collage of the year. I used white tissue paper for the background and added some colour.  The bird coming out of the woman represents the free bird hidden within all of us waiting to be set free. I like to use text in my collages. I like to write poetry, so I put some text with poetry that I wrote and pasted it onto the bird.

“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them.”

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