Bird In Flight

‘The sky’s the limit!’

That’s what they said

Before the great world war

Unbridled optimism

Impossible as it seems in the time of fragility

If you know the past, then you know the future

And the past was just a cycle of highs and lows

Have patience and look up

One day our spirits will soar

We will fly high like the birds

And without any limits.

Ancient Downtown

At your own risk 😉
Cute instruments.
Wise words to live by.
A social distancing street musician.
The exterior of the Odeon of Herodes of Atticus. Completed in 161 A.D.
Steps leading to the ancient theater of Herodes of Atticus
A view of the Acropolis from the below.

Kalo Mina! (Happy New Month!)

As happy as anyone can be in these difficult times.

Resilience is the key. I am fearful of October..Let us pray!

These are a few street photos from a month ago that I took around the area of the Acropolis, Plaka, as well as the shopping district of Monastiraki. Of course it wasn’t as crowded as other years, but there were quite a few tourists.

I will be avoiding the downtown area as cases of Covid-19 have gone up there and I want to avoid the metro too.

Athens Landscape

The best preserved-in Greece- Temple of Hephaestus in the distance
The Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens.

A few photographs that I took of the stunning view of the Acropolis, and the rest of the center of Athens, from a roof top cafe. These were taken weeks before the strict measures for covid-19 were implemented again. The downtown core is a hot spot for covid-19 cases are going up. It was inevitable, not the least bit surprising as it can get congested in the touristy areas with the cafes and social distancing is not possible. No one wants to wear a mask outdoors, but now with the new measures people will have to if the want to go downtown. So, I guess we will be headed for another lock down soon as the fatalities are increasing, and I probably won’t be heading downtown for a long time. 😦


A view of the Saronic gulf from aboard a ferryboat, as night falls over the ocean and the ships.

“It’s the end of the day, but it feels like dawn, and a new beginning. It comes to me that both twilight periods are, in fact, symmetrical events on opposite sides of midnight, a cycle of endless creation and destruction, an Ouroboros.”
― Florian Armas, The Shamans at the End of Time

Quiet Beach/Ησυχη Παραλια

I’ve always preferred beaches that were quiet and had as little people as possible. This summer, due to the pandemic, a quiet beach is a a must 🙂

Πάντα προτιμούσα παραλίες που ήταν ήσυχες και είχαν πολύ λίγα άτομα. Αυτό το καλοκαίρι, λόγω της πανδημίας, μια ήσυχη παραλία είναι απαραίτητη 🙂

Agistri Island/Αγκίστρι

Agistri island is only an hour and half away from Athens’ port of Piraeus. It’s great for a quick escape from the city. Many people just go for the day. Others spend the weekend there. I only went for the day. It was my first time there and I wish that I had gone years ago. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The island allows cars, but you have to make a reservation. A car isn’t needed though, as the island is quite small and all the beaches can be reached by bus with a cost of 2 euros. There are nice shops and fish taverns and beach bars.

I really enjoyed my time there and would visit again in the future 🙂

Piraeus Port/Το λιμάνι του Πειραιά

The view of Piraeus port in Athens from the ship I was on. On my way to a the nearby island of Agistri. Piraeus is the biggest port in Greece and one of the biggest ports in Europe.

The port wasn’t too busy, most likely due to the pandemic. Less people travelling to the islands and because it is later in the season.

Everyone was wearing a mask as it is mandatory now to wear one on a ship or in a shop.